Diana Fairbanks keeps it moving

One of WIVB’s highest profile journalists is saying farewell to the city, at a time when most expected her to be the station’s eventual lead anchor. The station’s iconic Jacquie Walker, one of the longest serving journalists in Buffalo television, is expected to retire in a decade or so.

Fairbanks was very well  received in the Buffalo market, and her 10:30 pm weeknight newscast beat WGRZ’s, the region’s top rated station by viewership. She is attractive, youthful, has personality that comes off great on television, all while conveying serious journalism chops.

The move comes as surprise to many media observers, who have noticed WIVB’s upward momentum in the ratings and who noticed Fairbanks a central personality in a crucially timed comeback.

Fairbanks said she is moving back to Traverse City, Michigan, where she had lived prior to her move to Buffalo, because of a promising career opportunity for her husband.

Featured picture includes Fairbanks, with reporter Ed Drantch and executive producer Aaron Mason.


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