McCarthy and Belton-Cottman swing proverbial punches over board meals

Board member Carl Paladino and Larry Quinn introduced a resolution that would slash the board’s travel and meal reimbursement policy. The two men see travel to conferences as frivolous at a time when the troubled district is struggling to architect


May school board elections could go either way

Political observers who follow school board politics are already postulating scenarios for next year’s May election, when six of nine board members will be up for reelection. It will be a pivotal moment, in one of two directions. The education reformers

Common Council

Sharon Belton-Cottman could face Mike Woolford in Masten 

School board member Sharon Belton Cottman is emerging as the leading Democrat contender to challenge  Mike Woolford, the widely respected Buffalo businessman, for Common Council from Buffalo’s Masten District. Woolford is running on the Conservative line — with the Ellicott district’s Darius Pridgen