26th District

Some Senecas want former President Robert Odawi Porter to run for Congress

Sources tell The Chronicle that¬†influential members of the Seneca Nation of Indians are encouraging former President Robert Odawi Porter, a Harvard educated attorney, to challenge Rep. Brian Higgins in the Democratic Party primary. Higgins’ support inside the district has been


If Rob Porter runs for Governor, Western New York would benefit

THE EDITORIAL BOARD If former Seneca Nation President Robert Odawi Porter decides to run for Governor next year, his campaign and governorship would be likely to benefit Western New York.¬†Porter — a Harvard educated attorney with a renowned international law


Former Seneca President Rob Porter for Governor of New York?

New York State’s Republican Party is in dire straits: it hasn’t had a competitive candidate for governor in four elections; has an embarrassingly small caucus in the Assembly; and the Senate caucus cannot retain a majority without the help of a breakaway