State cannot afford project labor agreements

BY RICH PURTELL A project labor agreement is a protectionist strategy, usually applied to public work, which mandates a certain labor pool to be used for a construction project.  New York State already has a prevailing wage law for public


Perfect corruption and the slow death of innovation

By Rich Purtell Adam Smith is widely considered to be the “Einstein of modern economics” with his Wealth of Nations monumental work published in 1776. He brought forth many concepts of free market capitalism which helped to usher in an


International patent laws are unnecessarily stifling commerce

By Rich Purtell  “Free Trade” agreements are loaded with language to protect intellectual property (IP).  These protective efforts do very much have potential to turn into protectionism, which is the opposite of free trade. I really think that we are


Public procurement ‘S-words’ and cronyism

By Rich Purtell Standardization. Single Sourcing. Sole Sourcing. Strategic Sourcing. These have all become common techniques used in the purchase of government goods and services. “Procurement” is the term used to mean the professional buying profession. Without proper accountability in