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Dyster plans $435,000 sculpture for traffic circle

BY FRANK PARLATO Niagara Falls – It was our own resident genius, James Hufnagel, who wrote us this week, to say, “You know what would be really funny? A picture of Mayor Paul A. Dyster wearing the new traffic circle

Niagara Falls

Smith charges politics in Planning Board ouster

BY MIKE HUDSON It’s politics as usual at the City Hall of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster. That’s the charge of Rick Smith, who has served on the city Planning Board for the past nine years, six as its chairman.

Niagara Falls

Falls’ finances in shambles as auditors find problems

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter The Niagara Falls Financial Advisory Panel unveiled its long awaited report at this week’s city Council meeting, a scathing impeachment of the present administration that would be familiar to any regular reader of this

Niagara Falls

Dyster silent on Ortt’s plan to save Falls’ finances

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter Whose side are they on? Are Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster and state Assemblyman John Ceretto looking out for the interests of the people who voted them into office, or are they instead ready


Did Dyster know about DuPont closure before election?

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter  Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Back on July 30, 2013, we stated unequivocally that the 200 jobs at DuPont’s Niagara Falls facility were in grave danger. “The future of the DuPont plant in

Niagara Falls

Dyster ridiculed for squandering casino windfall

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter Is the city of Niagara Falls better off now that it was when Mayor Paul Dyster was elected eight years ago? Dyster, who holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University, might say yes. Critics,

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is facing insolvency, says Accardo

NIAGARA FALLS—With the City of Niagara Falls once again facing a budget shortfall, projected to be in excess of $7 million, Niagara Falls business leader and mayoral candidate John Accardo believes that the time has come for the office of


Destino not running against Maziarz, may run against Dyster

By Frank Parlato, The Niagara Falls Reporter The schism between County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster and the Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster-controlled city faction of the local Democrats, headed by City Chairwoman Alicia Liable, is evidenced in the candidacy of


Who will run against Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster in 2015?

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter Former City Court Judge Robert Restaino might be the frontrunner. After being removed from the bench following a controversial 2007 decision by the state Judicial Board of Review, Restaino worked for the county


Dyster fundraiser kicks off 2015 campaign

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has privately told family and friends that he is planning on running for an unprecedented third term in 2015, the Niagara Falls Reporter has learned. To that end,