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Top construction official’s charges are an indictment of Cuomo’s policies

BY KEN GIRARDIN Yesterday’s indictment of New York’s top construction union official on federal corruption charges raises a big question: if private companies are paying bribes to avoid having to work with certain construction unions, why is Governor Andrew Cuomo insisting that


What happens if teachers go on strike?

BY KEN GIRARDIN New York’s largest teachers union this summer threatened to go on strike rather than allow schools to reopen for in-person classes—despite months of preparation by officials and a state law that prohibits union work stoppages. Public employee


State forces school districts to give raises—and layoffs

BY KEN GIRARDIN Months of bad decisions and inaction by New York state officials have put school districts in the awkward position of having to give pay raises to most teachers while laying off others. The districts could have avoided

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DASNY dished out $152 million in pork last year

New York’s governor and state lawmakers dished out $152 million for local projects favored by state lawmakers through the state Dormitory Authority during the state’s 2020 fiscal year, according to data posted today on, the Empire Center’s government transparency website. The