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Perverse incentives, high costs and poor outcomes: Special Education in New York

BY IAN KINGSBURY Much of New York’s highest-in-the-nation education spending is driven by a single category: special education. Of the $66.2 billion spent on K-12 education in New York in 2017-18, $15.8 billion went to special education instructional services. No other state


On measuring school quality, ‘Education Week’ misses the mark

BY IAN KINGSBURY Education Week released its A-F grades for states on school quality last week. New York earned a B-, appreciably better than the nationwide C average. A closer look at scoring methodology, however, shows grade inflation at work. Education Week raised New


Even after aid cut, New York will spend most on education

BY IAN KINGSBURY Governor Andrew Cuomo is withholding 20 percent of state school aid allocations pending federal bailout negotiations. The decision has been met with alarm and objection from district leaders and New York teachers unions. Yet notably absent from pleas to maintain funding