Police officers begin calling for Mayor Brown’s resignation

Police officers from across the City of Buffalo have been calling for Mayor Byron Brown‘s resignation in a sweeping change of attitude toward the Mayor in the law enforcement community, following his mishandling of protests in the aftermath of George

Common Council

Smothers, Bollman to battle for Lovejoy Common Council seat

Esther Smothers, former Erie County Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant‘s principal legislative staffer, is vying for the Buffalo Common Council seat representing Lovejoy.  Also running is Brian Bollman, the outgoing Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana‘s principal legislative staffer. Both figures are


Mayor Brown is acting on Grant’s policy agenda

The administration of Mayor Byron W. Brown has been taking sweeping actions to reform the City’s Police Department, following the mayoral campaign that civic leader Betty Jean Grant waged against him. Merely a few short months after Grant’s bruising criticism


Some activists want Schroeder to step aside and endorse Grant

Some activists are expressing dissatisfaction with the candidacy of City Comptroller Mark Schroeder.  His campaign will split the vote, they contend, potentially undermining the pioneering County Legislator Betty Jean Grant, a longtime leader in the city’s growing social justice movement. They argue that


Brown, Garner expected to smear Betty Jean Grant

Political operatives close to Maurice Garner, the former President of Grassroots Inc. who is widely thought to control Mayor Byron Brown, say that he “is deeply worried” about County Legislator Betty Jean Grant’s campaign for Mayor.  Operatives say that Garner is already designing a smear

Letter to Editor

Grant: “A few days in jail won’t kill me”

BY BETTY JEAN GRANT, County Legislator I have been told by two attorneys that the vote taken yesterday on the new train station may be illegal. Number one, they barred the taxpaying public from a meeting discussing public business even thought


Benczkowski may challenge Kennedy to help Grant

The newly elected Cheektowaga town supervisor Diane Benczkowski — considered a rising star in local politics — is thinking about dabbling in state senate politics this year, a source familiar with her thinking tells The Chronicle. A Benczkowski run for State Senate

NY Senate

Western New York will be a Senate battleground

As next year’s State Senate elections approach in the distance, the fog is clearing to reveal a political landscape that will make Western New York a central battleground for control of the chamber. Typically five or six seat are competitive

NY Senate

Will Supervisor Benczkowski run for State Senate next year?

Diane Benczkowski won the Cheektowaga Democratic party primary for town supervisor — guaranteeing her the office — and is already being talked about as a contender for the State Senate seat currently held by Tim Kennedy.  Benczkowski’s down to earth

NY Senate

Kennedy vs. Grant: the battle inside the Democratic Party

It’s an interestingly diverse district, drawn after the 2010/11 redistricting process in which the Eastside of Buffalo, South Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lackawanna, and parts of the Westside were bound together in the  63rd State Senate district.  That year, in the neighboring