Possible contenders for County Sheriff

Democratic Party infighting has long thwarted efforts to take the Count Sheriff’s office, held by Republican Tim Howard since 2005, when he succeeded the newly elected Senator Patrick Gallivan, the Republican who held the office since 1998. After 18 years


Wyatt likely to see challenge in University district

Rasheed Wyatt, the city’s University district councilman, is likely to see a primary challenge next year. Wyatt is politically untested, lacks name recognition, doesn’t have a portfolio of accomplishments on which incumbents typically run, and has held his Council seat


What’s Bernie’s next move?

The recent at-large school board elections — in which Larry Quinn, Patricia Pierce, and Dr. Barbara Nevergold each secured a 6-year term — saw an impressive above average turnout. Surprisingly, the increased turnout largely came from the Eastside of Buffalo.