BY NORBERT RUG There have been a series of coincidences in my life. My buddy grew up in a house full of girls in Amherst. One of them dated a Harley driving, leather vested, Vietnam-veteran biker from Barker. They went


How will you live your life?

BY NORBERT RUG How will you choose to live your life? This isn’t a trick question. I am asking if you have chosen to live your life fully or just exist day to day. Not being able to control your

Government Waste

At least four double-dippers top $300K

At least four New York local government retirees appear to have received permission from state or New York City officials to each take home a combined $300,000 in pay and pensions as of January 1, 2018, according to data posted today


Brown, Garner expected to smear Betty Jean Grant

Political operatives close to Maurice Garner, the former President of Grassroots Inc. who is widely thought to control Mayor Byron Brown, say that he “is deeply worried” about County Legislator Betty Jean Grant’s campaign for Mayor.  Operatives say that Garner is already designing a smear

Rumor & Innuendo

Weekly wrap up of rumor and innuendo…

Old dogs still play tricks. Rumor around town is that Joe Ferris, who many refer to as “Frank Max’s right hand man,” called the Grapevine Restaurant (where Erie County Democrats are planning on hosting a fundraiser) to tell the restaurant that