New York City

“History will change because of what they did to Eric Garner,” Sharpton says

Speaking on the anniversary of the non-indictment of Daniel Pantaleo, Al Sharpton pushed the City Council to pass the chokehold ban—but demurred on Bill de Blasio’s role. via ‘History Will Change Because of What They Did to Eric Garner,’ Al Sharpton

New York City

Good sense from Letitia James

Of late, Letitia James has been talking plain sense. The easy one was to slam the ethics of Mayor de Blasio’s use of secret “agents of the city” to help forge and execute his policies, when those “agents” had major

Foreign Policy

Cuomo has blacklist of foreign firms that support BDS

He’s boycotting the boycotters! Gov. Cuomo’s administration has blackballed a dozen foreign companies for supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, The Post has learned. The Office of General Services compiled the list after Cuomo issued an executive