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Nature always wins

BY NORBERT RUG I’ve always said that there are too many humans on earth and that no matter what we humans do or what we build, nature always wins. I see more and more wildlife out my window than I

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Hoarding toilet paper

BY NORBERT RUG I find it amazing the way some people behave when it comes to hoarding. Let a blizzard approach or other disaster hit and we descend on stores, like the preverbal swarm of locusts, buying up more batteries,

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A season of self-quarantine

BY NORBERT RUG Donna, my wife, and I have gone into self-imposed quarantine. It’s not that we have the coronavirus or any of the symptoms, it’s just that we are trying to avoid any possibility of us contracting this virus.

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April fools is a Festivus

BY NORBERT RUG April 1st is a day for practical jokes in many countries around the world. In honor of this, I have decided to list a few of the pranks I carried out at work. One day I super

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National Vietnam War Veterans Day

I think it is time for the U.S. government to honor the promise they made to our veterans. As a veteran, I fulfilled my side of the contract and I think it is their turn to keep theirs… or give me back my four years.

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Norb’s Corner: paper or plastic?

     BY NORBERT RUG The recent decision by New York State to prohibit single-use plastic bags from retail stores makes it an ideal time to reexamine one of my favorite environmental quandaries. Plastic grocery bags were developed as a


Let’s help Americans move to where the jobs are

BY MATT WEIDINGER The list of supposed inequalities among Americans is long, and getting longer: income inequality, food inequality, housing inequality, education inequality, and even death inequality. Many see unequal outcomes in every facet of American life, and along with them, new government spending