Public procurement ‘S-words’ and cronyism

By Rich Purtell Standardization. Single Sourcing. Sole Sourcing. Strategic Sourcing. These have all become common techniques used in the purchase of government goods and services. “Procurement” is the term used to mean the professional buying profession. Without proper accountability in

Campaign Finance

Does a caged bird sing?

Western New York’s political world has been inalterably rocked today with the issuance of search warrants at the homes of the renowned political operative G. Steven Pigeon, and two others: former Deputy Mayor Steve Casey and Chris Grant, Congressman Chris Collins’ Chief


Public corruption is much more than bribery

By Rich Purtell  The landmark US Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC, decided in 2010, protected free speech but unfortunately as a consequence the ruling essentially established that political corruption and bribery are synonyms.  For hundreds of years prior