Sophie Trudeau’s cousin alleges a wide-ranging Liberal Party cover-up to protect pedophile officials

Ottawa based political operatives have long rumored that MacPherson once had a tryst with Trudeau and Ben Mulroney, prior to their marriages.

In 2016, after Amy MacPherson was forced out of her job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for making unsubstantiated claims and inferences in her reporting, she became a director of the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association — where she claims to have encountered predatorial sexual exploitation of children by a Liberal Party of Canada official and political colleague. MacPherson insists her experience is indicative of much more systemic problems inside the Liberal Party, and she details a stunning cover-up by party officials.

MacPherson is the cousin of Sophie Trudeau, the Prime Minister’s wife. A self-described ‘political animal’, MacPherson has been active in covering politics as a reporter and as an activist at the local level.  She is open about her own experiences of sexual violence and of growing up as a Crown ward, which she explains has instilled in her a moral compass on child advocacy issues.

Despite providing evidence about the child exploitation to several party officials, she claims that her warnings were entirely ignored.  On her blog, Free the Press Canada, she lamented that the information she provided to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to the Barrie Police Service, and to the Ontario Provincial Police had not been acted on.

After repeatedly informing public officials in writing — including then-Premier Kathleen Wynneshe penned a personal letter reiterating the urgency of the Liberal Party’s misconduct regarding child volunteers to Justin Trudeau himself.  She even accused Trudeau of erecting a “communication barrier” to insulate himself from “some deeply troubling developments.”

MacPherson has been a fierce Liberal Party stalwart for many years. She is pictured above protesting outside of an event being held by Stephen Harper in 2012.

At the time, a senior party executive by the name of Jared Nolan was being investigated after several allegations of abuse emerged from children about whom Nolan had access to large amounts of data, both in his role as a hospital administrator and his access to party databases of child volunteers.

MacPherson wrote to Trudeau and law enforcement officials:

…I’m a peripheral witness in the matter of Jared Nolan, as well as a journalist and a former fellow executive on the same board of directors. I shared communications with the accused in the days before he was arrested and I made lengthy reports with both the Barrie Police Service (BPS) and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), who’ve partnered for the sake of a larger criminal probe. The charges involve multiple youth complainants and allegations of child luring, child pornography, and distribution of child pornography. I have urgent information to provide the public, government and law enforcement, in an effort to protect more children who remain at risk due to institutional oversights and competing political agendas.

It’s not an internet myth and several criminal charges are laid, into the double-digits. Some of them were even against your flatmate, but that’s the part you did know. What I need to discuss is the growing number of child sex victims since he pleaded guilty, and the family looked away to cleanse its Liberal soul. Because everyone closed their eyes in an effort to shield you from that scandal, the abuses continued and kids are presently being harmed by additional members of our family. The thing about predation is that it’s an illness and it can’t be controlled by ignoring it. All that secrecy did was let the disease flourish within our own family…

“Children are being exploited either in your name or on your watch, and you’re the only one who can stop this,” MacPherson alleged in a letter dated March 22, 2018.  “The Trudeau stamp is on these crimes, through and through. It’s just that you’re blinded to how.”

The 17,000-word letter detailed her concerns that Nolan’s access to data regarding child volunteers was being used to further target and victimize children — databases that included volunteers’ schedules, interests, and even emotional vulnerabilities, she alleged.

Jared Nolan served as the Liberal Party of Canada’s Executive Vice President for the Simcoe-Grey riding.

The letter did not shy from directly linking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the scandalous allegations:

…I know you believe that your part of the family is more civilized than mine and that sexual abuse can’t infect the silver spoon; but in this example the privileged members of our clan are preying on the most vulnerable, precisely because they have no resources to defend themselves. The abuse of power in your image is so great that it’s upsetting. Watching them use your money and power to scare, brutalize, and/or silence the kids is nearly paralyzing. This relates to stalking women in our family too…

In another blog post, dated February 19, 2018, MacPherson alleges media bias on the part of CTV News.  She claims to have approached CTV to amend and expand its story about Nolan abusing his access to patient data at the Alliston hospital to lure children and distribute child pornography.  A special police task force was established to investigate.  By July, Nolan had pled guilty to child luring.  That December he was sentenced to 18-months in prison and two-years probation.

… The problem is that I knew Mr. Nolan personally, as a political colleague. I had information that was incredibly relevant to his case, as well as the Liberal Party of Canada. We worked together on the riding’s board of directors when he was criminally charged and I was aware he had access to thousands more children through the party and its Liberalist database. He had the highest level of access to every child volunteer and member of the Young Liberals across the entire country. He also led groups of youth volunteers during the last federal election….

Nolan had no experience in healthcare before taking a senior position at the hospital — a position that reported to the board of directors. He wasn’t known to the local riding association before taking an executive position with the SGFLRA, either.  But Nolan was close to the Liberal Party’s candidate in the Simcoe riding, and that candidate sat on the hospital’s board of directors. Nolan, at age 35, seemed to become a ‘big-wig’ overnight, and all of a sudden the Liberal riding association and the Alliston hospital were being run by the same three people.

The consummate Liberal Party activist, MacPherson worked hard to unseat Conservative MP Kelly Leitch during the 2015 election cycle.

The police claim that they weren’t aware that Nolan had access to more sensitive information about a much greater number of children through the party. A sophisticated software program known as The Liberalist is an extensive database that can track child volunteers in real-time.  In some cases, MacPherson explains, that the software knows if the kids are dating, what their schedules look like, what their home situation is like, and if they have emotional vulnerabilities.

… In the meantime a forensic warrant was executed and at that very moment, someone tampered with the evidence. All of Jared Nolan’s connections to the Liberal Party of Canada were altered or outright deleted. I have proof of that as well. It caused so much concern that I contacted Anna Gainey as an LPC official, to have the party intervene for the sake of protecting due process. It surely wouldn’t help if another individual was charged for obstructing a forensic warrant and the LPC sincerely needed to protect the children in our riding…

Instead of acting on MacPherson’s complaints, the party actively covered-up its relationship with Nolan and declined to intervene or assist in any investigations. The party declined to let anyone know an election campaign official was criminally charged with heinous sex crimes against children that were alleged to happen over the course of that campaign. The party also refused to notify the parents of children who volunteered with Nolan during that time.

The party didn’t even remove Nolan as the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association’s Executive Vice President. While incarcerated awaiting bail and under house arrest, Nolan maintained access to the Liberalist database for another two months, before he willingly stepped down from the position.

It was during that time that, MacPherson alleges, “disturbing photos of children connecting him to the other campaign executive began appearing on social media.”

MacPherson claims that Anna Gainey threatened and intimidated her.  When she tried to raise the issue at a riding association general meeting, officials immediately shut down the procedure, revoking the party’s constitution and procedural rules entirely, in order to prevent her from speaking to the general membership.

She posted a video of the encounter on her website and to Youtube.

MacPherson sees herself as a survivor of sexual violence, which has inspired her advocacy for children.

MacPherson claims that party officials ordered CTV News to stop recording the meeting and threatened to charge CTV for trespassing if they filmed. After this happened, the CTV reporter was reassigned and not allowed to pursue the story. He wished to proceed and continued working with MacPherson to obtain more information, however, another party executive convinced the producers to drop the story.

CTV refused to tell the world that a child sex predator was a Liberal Party executive working closely with children during the election campaign at the time of these allegations. The Canadian media blatantly censored Nolan’s position with the party from any of its reporting — even in outlets that did cover it, like The Toronto Sun.

…This situation is so unfortunate that I gave CTV News an earful last year. When the reporter in my example pushed to complete the story, he was told to cultivate children from our riding to interview as prospective victims. This is the only way CTV would release the information about Jared Nolan’s status with the Liberals. It didn’t matter that he was already under house arrest for prosecution as a child predator. Management required that a small flock of kids be located to canvass for new allegations, before they would alert the public about the danger that was already thoroughly established. They wished to create their own ‘exclusive’ by blindsiding local children and prodding them for salacious tips…

In Simcoe-Grey, MacPherson claims that the political interference in the investigation involved the OPP.  Mike MacEachern, the Liberal Party candidate who oversaw Nolan’s work at the hospital as well as the election campaign, also sat on the OPP’s board of directors. In the past, MacEachern has publicly boasted of his influence over this particular police agency.

Perhaps coincidentally, the OPP refused to accept MacPherson’s evidence of Nolan’s access to children through the Liberal Party of Canada.  They charged him with luring children from the hospital and subsequently for child pornography, but the lead investigator refused to investigate possible victims from the party’s youth volunteering program.

The police took a 2-hour statement from MacPherson prior to party officials intervening in the investigation.  She alleges that the OPP then changed its tune and aggressively refused to take official statements. Officers refused to provide a report number from the report she already submitted and the agency became unable to locate the officer who took her initial report.

Officers also declined to inform the Crown prosecutor of this new evidence.

“I’ve had to digest that our police won’t act on political sex issues unless the political news decides it can be reported and potential victims consent to being publicly exploited. In this experience regarding Jared Nolan, it seems the LPC determines what CTV can report, then CTV decides if it will cajole the police to investigate,” MacPherson explains.

“Maybe if we confront this circle-jerk we can begin to sort it out,” she concludes.

Liberal candidate for Parliament Mike MacEachern posing with Conservative MP Kellie Leitch. He narrowly lost the riding in 2015, with a vote of 37-to-49 percent.


  1. She’s lying. I do not like the LPC one bit but she’s full of it. There is no way all of her “proof” would be ignored by so many. She needs some serious psychiatric help.

    • I fully believe this story. Thank you for having the courage to speak up about this. It shows just how deep the corruption in politics and the main stream media is. It is not just a party problem…. it is rampant everywhere and has been for too long. It is past time to bring all the darkness into the light. Time for people to wake up out of the collective dream.

      • He is a sick human guilt of it all..envolved with Epstein elites. Fact check his foundation it has one of the known pedophila symbols known by FBI, as their logo. He took away the human trafficking funding that Canada funded while Trump is giving more and fighting hard as well as other countries. So many of his liberals are being charged with pornagraphic material. His best friend in university and many of his close friends colleges from around the wotld are known pedos and rapists. He hangs out with Bill Gates who’s hung around Epstein, The Clinton’s I could go on. Do some fact checking digging g of your own people. This man is sick and has hidden agenda while you hide from a hoax of a pandamic

        • Trudeau. And his wife are listed on the Epstein Loyola Express flight Logs. What does that tell you and I hate to think of what they are doing to their own kids

        • Trudeau has his own 14 year old accuser when he was teaching at West Point Gray Academy, but a lawsuit made it go away. His best friend, and former college roomate, Christopher Charles Ingvaldson was arrested years ago for operating an international child pornography ring. These people truly are sick!!!

        • So many people don’t have a clue what is going on….they just follow blindly. Most government officials are guilty of being involved themselves or ignoring it out of fear.

      • Odd that no Canadian news agencies cover this news. The buffalo bs chronicle seems to cover a lot of bs stories from Canada. Should maybe be more critical of important things like their shithead of a president.

        • Not odd at all. Canada’s main stream news has been so corrupted by being government financed with bail outs we do not get the real news anymore. Seriously.

            Oh Canada, what a corrupt mess you are ! It only took a touch of Communism to get there.So many rotten Characters Governing so many corrupt Canadians!
            What a debacle, spiced with the sexual abuse of children!
            Who is going to tell the truth on this scandal that has been going on for years?The same authorities investigating Trudeau’. s history as a teacher and a rapist of young students?,
            It can’t get any more serious, but this is Canada, Nothing is what it should morally be.
            Canadians are a narcissistic tribe, burning themselves to extinction, on a mirror of deceit and indulgence. Marxist ideology is the cause of degeneration, not the cure.


      • I believe it too. In fact I would strongly suggest there’s a pedophile RING in Toronto- Ottawa.
        Amy McPherson is a cousin to SOPHIE TRYDEAU. She most likely contacted Sophie after she was ignored by Trudeau and after Trudeau’s coverup. That may have been the BEGINNING IF THE END IF THEIR MARRIAGE. Sophie and Justin are separated. She lives at Harrington Lake with the children. That’s why he hasn’t looked so happy in the past 8-10 months. This all cane down last October before the federal election. Trudeau covered up all the evidence and people involved. He’s changed laws to make pedophilia legal in regard to younger teens.

        • Back in early 2000’s when I was in high school it was always rumoured that MM was a sexual deviant. The mafia has always had a strong influence over politics and local agencies in this area including the Alliston hospital through individuals and donations. Gambling, Drug smuggling and property development/municipal contracts go hand in hand. Follow this corruption and it will lead back to the latter.

      • I believe her as well. Trudeau is no better than Epstein himself. They all deserve to be punished harshly for this.
        So many innocent children in this world are being abused, malested, and tortured by people of high society rankings, and entrusted to people who she be protecting them. Someone needs to start speaking up!!!

    • You clearly never heard of the Rotherham “Grooming” Scandal.

      There are precedents in the Commonwealth, and Scotland has been caught attempting to hide their own grooming scandals.

      • You are just a plain liberal idiot if you believe that the government isn’t guilty of many cover ups. When you start handing out executive positions to people you know should be in prison then you know someone has been approached to make this possible! Our PM should be in prison along with his finance minister for all their cover ups in the SNL Lavallin crap!


    • Nolan received a 2 year jail sentence Hadad.
      Did the courts get it wrong as well. Don’t think so…..dummy.

      • The courts didn’t get it wrong , I’m sure but Nolan took the whole blame for it . Now Justin Trudeau needs to be exposed and tryed and jailed . The Trudeau family is Worse prime ministers in all of Canadian history. Just look how Canada has been under the Trudeau ruling. Trudeau has been stripping Canada of everything

    • Not true. Another idiot who would rather turn a blind eye than address the issue. She has proof. She deserved to have her assertions fully investigated. And Nolan did jail time. So…just where are you coming from here.

      • Rashid Haddad, your Muslim and you love that photo of Trudeau sitting in the mosque 🕌 so you defend Trudeau – like all the other Muslim extremist. You’re protecting a pedophile. In Islam pedophilia is okay, so you like Trudeau. Just admit it, right?

        • Your Pretty retarded! That just goes to show how you and people Like you believe anything. Pedophilia has nothing to do with Islam. Islam condemns it and punishes those involved unlike you and your churches full of pedo priests who cover up for each other and continue to destroy children’s lives. Don’t speak from your ass and get your facts before sharding rubbish

          • Mohammed married her (Aisha)when she was 6 years old and……Bukhari 7:62:64
            All Mohammedans are required by Sharia Law to emulate “The Perfect Man”ie.- Mohammed.ost people in the know believe that Trudeau has converted to Islam and so will have no compunction to go after paedophiles in his inner circles that be too heavy with Muslims.

          • So what about the Rotherham drugging, raping, and sex trafficking of grade school British girls by bangladeshi moslems?

      • Th Queen does not get involved in judicial cases, court hearings, or anything on these lines – so why bring her name up!??

        • Probably because the royal family were friends with Savile and other noted pedophiles. And don’t kid yourself, they do have power behind the scenes.

    • Oh OK mister psychic.
      Or should I say Mr. Troll?

      So You’re a genius and can diagnose mental health based on your trust in corrupt politicians.
      You’re in for a rude wake up call one day unless you keep your head in the sand.

      My Genius says she is telling the truth and you are here to discredit her, and you probably are getting paid to do it. Or you’re just a total moron serving the Dark Lords for free.

    • Shes telling the truth a 100% there is so much information out there where this is happening everywhere go to twitter and look @ #pizzagate

    • You must have evidence to prove this. We are looking at your post as defamation of character and
      slander. Be prepared to back up this public statement. That is the law here in Canada!

      • It’s now July 2020 and nearly 1 year after this article was posted. If this were “defamation of character” and untrue the article would have been removed long ago. Put on your big boy pants and try to think critically. Try.

        • Is posted in an american rag. One that shows no sources no reporters reporting on it. Also is a rag that will post any story you want for a price. Has no credibility amongst any fact check sites. This story is as real as the pizza joint that had a pedophile ring running in it’s basement. Only problem was had no basement and the story was a plant and only believed by idiots that don’t know how to fact check. So put on your big boy pants and get a life.

      • I for one believe her story and those on here who try to discredit her are showing a glaring insight into their souls may you burn for eternity

    • You, Rashid are an absolute imbecile ! I’m sure you don’t have any children but if you do then maybe you should send them out to see if she’s telling the truth! Stick your head back in the sand and close your eyes to the corruption of power worldwide that takes place every second ! Jerk !

      • Law, 😂 under Trudeau a Muslim extremist threatened my life right on Trudeau’s LinkedIn post because I said I didn’t support Trudeau. LinkedIn then suspended my account. 🤫🤢🤮

    • The LPC and Canadian media is so incredibly corrupt,I’m sure this is not the 1st, 2nd or even the 3rd time for allegations of pedophilia to appear! This is 💯% alive and well with Trudeau and his Foundation which the logo is defiantly a symbolic sign for pedophilia!!

    • She’s telling the truth, Rashid. Your defence Rashid, is your sticking up for pedophiles, right? What does the Quran say about pedophiles, Rashid? In Islam pedophilia is okey. And in Islam it’s okay to lie to the infidel. In Islam it’s written to hate the infidel in ones heart. She is attacking Trudeau’s sickness and your attacking her trying to discredit her. You cannot read her mind. You can at least believe her she has tons of supporting evidence. I noticed on Trudeau’s LinkedIn posts lots of Muslim extremist support Trudeau. Yesterday on Trudeau’s post I made a comment that I don’t support Trudeau and afterwards a death threat was given to me on gave me in writing right on Trudeau’s post. Afterwards LinkedIn restricted my account, talk about unfair, right?

    • People like you why they get away with the corruption. The liberals & ultra wealthy families including Trudeau and Clinton in particular are surrounded by convicted pedophiles in there circle of eletes.

      Watch the whole series it will blow your mind. #5 was deleted off of YouTube but an be found on bitshoot

      • Omg I just watched the whole part 1-10 I was aware of some but not of Trudeau or the pizza place or the pope or cannibalism, I’m kind of seeing Trump differently. How disgusting and scary this world can be, the people rather. Those poor children my heart hurts so much for them my stomach hurts literally after watching this. I live in Canada and I’m native I live 15 mins from my reserve I’m a few hrs from Toronto, so it’s disturbing to hear more information regarding native children abduction etc.. I pray Q Anon is for real and brings down all those evil pigs, makes this world a better one. 🤞

        • There’s another good one to watch called out of shadows. The woman that made 1-10 also has released one on the corona scam… But are very much worth watching. The Corey feldman film is also a Liable on you tube….. There are lots of platforms on you tube where you can find lots ants of information out about what is actually going on in the world, it’s all horrific.

    • Actually I believe her,and they cover for each other.and everyone who helped cover it up or didnt try to stop them needs to go to prison

    • Really? There was proof of Epsteins abuse of underage girls for at least 2 decades and it took that long to do anything about it. When people with money break the law, it’s a hell of a lot harder to do anything about it. Maybe everyone she talked to, had the exact same reaction you just did. Think about it.

    • Bull$hit! This is Sophie Trudeau’s cousin…why would she lie to disparage Sophie’s exhusband??

      • She was a child victim herself, or didn’t you read her article? In a big hurry to start trolling? Why do you think Sophie threw him out? She has 3 children. He’s a known pedo; The only way it’s not being discussed came via a non-disclosure agreement/cash settlement paid by Trudeau to keep his underage squeeze silent. He was then immediately dismissed by the academy he was teaching at. He also admitted groping a reporter in BC. His excuse for that was “People experience things differently”. Yeah. He thought he was untouchable. He never disclosed his costume fetish included Blackface. He was caught and forced to get really humble, really quickly from the sanctity of one of the 2 airplanes he requires to tote his ego around in. I’ve been calling him The Teflon Moron for years. Nothing sticks to a Trudeau. His youngest brother was busted by the RCMP with a sufficient quantity of BC Bud to be busted for trafficking, an automatic jail sentence. Retired Daddy Trudeau made the charges simply disappear. “Nothing to see here.” A short time later he went skiing to the bottom of Lake Kokanee. Daddy never recovered from that, but the media didn’t see a thing, as per. Liberal Canadians turn a blind eye to all of this because, well, they’re Liberals. The self-anointed cool kids. They are blind to all of Boy Blunder’s transgressions because of his hair, and boy, is he HOT! Women and gays must vote with their gonads, notwithstanding the entire Alphabet Soup Group. I’d dearly love to tell my deceased parents and grandparents what they’re missing until my better judgement takes hold.

    • It’s people like you who allow the victims to see no justice. If you don’t believe the corruption. Ask yourself what she has to gain from lying? Being discredited and destroyed professionally? Doesn’t sound like losing ones livelihood is worth making up such allegations. Child predators are prevalent in all areas of government and need to be investigated silently any and every time allocations are brought up. Our children are the most vulnerable among us and are far too often preyed upon by those in positions of power. Canada needs a special division of law enforcement strictly for child safety to work in accordance with child welfare organizations to ensure that children are kept safe from any and all predators.

      • We need to seriously think a way around politicians and the control with their big buck bank accounts to use their influence. It should be apparent by now the results of their influence. Time to outlaw cronyism including the the cushy appointments of federal and provincial judges, they must be elected only. How about abolishing the elitist Foundations who are passing money around with each other in the name of charity. This would be a start in abolishing evil and corruption.

    • The problem with that theory was we already saw how his allied media gave him a free pass when he fired his AG for doing her job. Her testimony was very clear that she was threatened. She is supposed to be independent judiciary. To try to coerce her to take a position is a marker of a dictator.

      What did she do that was wrong according to Justin’s team? She prosecuted a corporation in Justin’s riding. They were already flagged by multiple international authorities. There was a lot of evidence against them. Not a witch hunt by any means. Justin’s defence was that it was to save jobs, but the employees would just move to other Canadian firms who would work on those same government contracts. However those firms might not be long standing liberal donors like the bad one was. That was his real concern.

    • Written like a TRUE LIBERALS would respond. Wait until one of your kids or grandkids gets raped by one of these perverts. You might change your mind.

    • Back during world war 2 when all of the rumours were coming out that jews were being slaughtered and concentration camps, hitler owned the media and threw out false information……. living outside of Germany and hearing these said “romours” you my friend would be the one saying nah these people are crazy for making those assumptions buuuuut it happened!!! Soo yes i beleive this is happening too!!!!

    • Who do you think the boss of the media and police agencies is, the leader of the presiding government.

    • What part is she lying about? Jared Nolan?

      Or maybe you think he acted alone or the party does not have a problem? We should just assume Benjamin Levin or Christopher Ingvaldson or Gerry Hawes as individual actors or just more anomalies?

      Naw, nothing to see here. Its not like the Liberal party would look the other way if these people were breaking the law. Not like with Marwan Tabbara.

      Or that Trudeau left West Grey under less than transparent circumstances.

      After a while, people start to see a pattern even if the media tries to bury it. Why are there so many pedophiles in the Liberal party? Why is it all hushed and swept under the rug? These types of stories could feed a news cycle for months. Not to mention the extra scrutiny would protect children. Yet they pass in a day

      right…nothing to see here…move along

    • Rashid, you obviously have no idea of the depth of the corruption in the LPC !
      It’s corrupt to the core, and needs replacing and justice served !!

    • Two of Trudeau’s buds have already been arrested for pedophilia. Gov’ts have the money and ability to hide a lot. Trudeau is a sick man. Probably has his mother’s horrid illness of being bi-polar. He’s also a sick narcissist which is a disorder. He should be in jail or a mental institution.

    • How long have you been a paid puppet for Justin Trudeau? Did you enter Canada via Roxham Rd.? Did you find out Trudeau gives millions of dollars to convicted terrorists who kill our American allies??? Did you come here to destroy democracy???

    • Oh Yeah? Old news. Read ONE THE TAKE: CRIME AND CORRUPTION IN THE MULRONY YEARS by Stevie Cameron, a woman who was an insider though it all publish by Macfarlane Walter and Ross, 1994. The book is documented and weights a whoping 1.25 kilograms. You probably won’t find it in corperate book stores or libraries. Write to the publisher.

    • Rashid you do not know the full story to make your judgement. It is time for everyone to do some research into the news. Do not believe the media as they all have been paid off by the liberals and JT.

    • You say she is lying but the LPC has covered up several well known scandals that are public knowledge. SNLC affair, numerous ethic violations by the Prime Minister among other issues. This sounds very in line with her allegations. Your statement she is lying is simply not supported by the past and current history of the Trudeau Government.

    • go get cancer stupid braindead immigrant, go hug your favorite pedophile justin trudeau and all hisnlosers

    • The FBI knew about Bill Clintons activities and they ignored it so how is this such a big surprise? Yes, high-level crime happens in Canada.

    • YOU need the help, Pal. Trudeau has quite a number of convicted Paedos on his friends list. All has been well documented, but Trudeau supporters don’t give a damn about the truth, now do you?

    • I really think you need some help, wake up just because you don’t like the story it does not mean it isn’t true. Pedos should be shot and then … pissedon

    • And exactly what is Amy McPherson gaining from being a whistleblower? Besides the hatred, vitriol and scorn of closed-minded individuals like yourself? It is not easy to come out and stand firm with a story like that when you know it could determine a difficult future for oneself. Perhaps consider that, before you dismiss it from your mind. Exactly what does Amy McPherson have to gain for taking an unpopular stance against the ruling political party in Canada?

    • Why would you not believe this .Trudeau has been rumored to be involved in child trafficking with other ,presidential US members not Trump though but others and he has a pedophile sign on his W.E site. And everyone knows he pays offthe RCMP he was involved in the pickton farms he was pictured with one of the men arrested and put in jail hub he wont give up Ttudeau . Admit that Trudeau is a criminal is the first step towards reality

    • It is precisely because of fools such as yourself that these monsters continue to get away with their crimes against children/humanity. The super rich and politically powerful are on a whole other level. If anyone needs psychiatric help it would be you Rashid.

    • She’s not lying, you are judging something you don’t even know about. Cursed are the ones who do the devils work. Be careful.

    • Cognitive dissonance? This crap happens alot with government officials, i know first hand myself. They get away with it, the police are usually connected and it’s to cover up a bigger illegal “circle jerk” as MacPherson calls it.

    • Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 42, a long-term close friend of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, has been found guilty of child pornography charges after being caught directing an international pedophile ring. 

      Ingvaldson entered guilty pleas in B.C. Provincial Court in Vancouver to accessing child pornography and possession of child porn. He was also initially charged with two counts of importing or distributing child pornography.

      At the time he was charged, Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that 11 members of the pedophile ring in three countries – Canada, Australia and the U.K. – had also been arrested in their respective countries.

      Justin Trudeau and Ingvaldson have been closely linked since their days as room-mates at college, and after completing their teaching degrees they were both accepted to teach at West Point Grey Academy, an elite Vancouver private boarding school.

      After becoming Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau encouraged Ingvaldson to run for political office as a member of the Liberal Party. Ingvaldson announced his desire to be the Liberal MP candidate in the district of Vancouver-Kingsway, and developed a social media pages announcing his plans to run.

      Trudeau’s life revolved around Ingvaldson for 20 years.  They were roommates in HS, vacationed together, and remained friends until Trudeau’s camp told Justin to stay away from his pedoriffic pal.  If Trudeau didn’t know about his friend’s predilection for kiddie porn he definitely knew what he liked and didn’t like.


      Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

      @its_deanblundellApple Podcastdeanblundell

    • Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 42, a long-term close friend of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, has been found guilty of child pornography charges after being caught directing an international pedophile ring. 

      Ingvaldson entered guilty pleas in B.C. Provincial Court in Vancouver to accessing child pornography and possession of child porn. He was also initially charged with two counts of importing or distributing child pornography.

      At the time he was charged, Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that 11 members of the pedophile ring in three countries – Canada, Australia and the U.K. – had also been arrested in their respective countries.

      Justin Trudeau and Ingvaldson have been closely linked since their days as room-mates at college, and after completing their teaching degrees they were both accepted to teach at West Point Grey Academy, an elite Vancouver private boarding school.

      After becoming Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau encouraged Ingvaldson to run for political office as a member of the Liberal Party. Ingvaldson announced his desire to be the Liberal MP candidate in the district of Vancouver-Kingsway, and developed a social media pages announcing his plans to run.

      Trudeau’s life revolved around Ingvaldson for 20 years.  They were roommates in HS, vacationed together, and remained friends until Trudeau’s camp told Justin to stay away from his pedoriffic pal.  If Trudeau didn’t know about his friend’s predilection for kiddie porn he definitely knew what he liked and didn’t like.


      Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

    • There is a way that proof could be ignored. The more connections a person has, the more proof can be swept away.

  2. It would appear that her allegations if in fact are true and substantiated with evidence then a serious unbiased investigation should take place. Unlikely though, because the federal government in Canada currently doles out large amounts of money to influence the nationwide media on any issue that could put the Liberal government in a negative light or jeopardy. Controlling information, spinning narratives and opinions rule the day. The children suffer and die unheard and left to the predators that reside in all walks of life and occupations. The infestation of corruption, perverse proclivities through power and greed threads through every part of our society and governments. Pop culture and progressive public education is normalizing the sexualizing of our children currently. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Dark terrible unspeakable things are occurring right under our oblivious noses. It is about the children and we do nothing. It will get buried and go away just like all the other crimes. Human trafficking, adult and child slavery, sexual exploitation of the vulnerable, organ harvesting, drugs and weapons comprise the largest multibillion dollar businesses around the globe. The wealthy educated elite power brokers get a pass and benefit from it all. Do you honestly think that justice will be served in the current situation? Once in a blue moon some low hanging fruit is offered up to placate the masses and give us a false sense of rule of law. Wake up we are all being played and manipulated every single day.

  3. Time to wake up folks. Do yourself a favor and take a look at this site:

    Read from start to finish, compare to events as they happened. It’s undeniable if you spend the time. You’re all mostly stuck at home right now, so spend the time.

    You are a tax slave and a debt slave to an entrenched system of perverted elites.

  4. Glad this came out and more has to.I had a personal experience in Dufferin—Caledon after I had gone to Orangeville’s Children’s Aid and the police in Shelbourne. My children,at the time 3 and 4, had been exposed to abuse and my 4 year old son had his life threatened by a man that told him he would hurt him if he talked to his father(me) There was a major cover-up and much of it I believe involved David Tilson plus his wife, Judith Burchall,, a lawyer I had hired and who filed paper work in the wrong county. That paperwork was to prevent my children from being taken out of the country but alas, her excuse was she filed it in Guelph by mistake.
    I visited Tilson at his office and he was a complete prick and covering up for something. Rather tolisten tomy pleas for justice he demanded I leave his office.
    After 24 years now and having my life and career destroyed I can honestly say many of my fears have been revealed. I have strong reasons to believe my ex wife was involved in child trafficking. She admitted to working as a prostitute when I was away and the children were present for that as well, according to their accounts of it. There is something very wrong surrounding that area (Orangeville) and David Tilson. As quoted from above article ” The thing about predation is that it’s an illness and it can’t be controlled by ignoring it. All that secrecy did was let the disease flourish within our own family…”.
    I might add,as a result of my trying to find out what my children were exposed to I have been harassed, followed, had breakins of all kinds, blacklisted and death threatened to “keep my mouth shut about my kids or you are dead”.
    I did indeed have my children stolen thanks to Burchall and didn’t see them for years. Much more to add but suffice to say it was a HUGE wake up call for me. Children’s Aid in Orangeville was also complacent and involved
    By the way, I had been a very successful man when this all began and there was no reason financially for the ex wife to turn to prostitution although in retrospect this was the least of her crimes.

    • I read your account… the corruption goes deeper than I thought. I’m soooo sorry you had to face all these crimes and that your children also suffered.

      You need YAHWEH’s justice WHO said: “I will make every crooked way straight” I pray that GOD will grant you “HIS peace that surpasses all human understanding”.
      An Acadian girl who cares💜

  5. Why has Justin Trudeau not been charged criminally as an accessory in the murder of the two mothers of the the two underage school boys he was allegedly molesting at the Point Grey Private School where he was “teaching drama”. After Justin got caught molesting the sons of these Private School mothers they were both murdered in their home’s kitchens with a bullet to the brian shortly after they complainted to the police about Justin sexually molesting their sons. Why and how have these crimes been silenced across Canada the same way Pierre LPorte was silenced/murdered and Michel Trudeau was silenced/murdered all for the reason of covering up Pierre’s and Justin’s pedophile criminal molesting of young boys in Canada and abroad…

  6. Trudeaus best friend and former college roomate, Christopher Charles Ingvaldson was arrested for running an international child pornography ring. These people truly are sick!!!

  7. I seen photos of Justin Trudeau wearing a traditional Scottish kilt with his legs open sitting on a chair in front of a kindergarten class and all the little 5 year olds are sitting on the floor facing Justin Trudeau at private part level. Justin Trudeau in the photo looks super hyperactive in his facial expression – very excited. Trudeau’s best and long time friend that thought together there Christopher Charles Ingvaldson was arrest for running an international pedophilia ring, Trudeau was never investigated for any connection with this, why not? Child services and the police need to get involved with Justin Trudeau. Trudeau needs jail time.

  8. Trudeau just paid off a girl he molested, over 2 million. He is absolutely involved. 12 Mile Club. Very sick people.

    • I’d sure like to know how you got your hands on the non-disclosure settlement. It never has been disclosed; That’s the only provision that keeps the settlement bound. No wonder you’re “anonymous”. If I was full of shit I’d be anonymous too. “just paid off a girl he molested”. He had a consensual affair with her years ago, you idiot. It was settled THEN. I can only imagine the playboy screwed someone else and she exacted some revenge, but I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Apparently, you were. While I’m at it, I’ll dispel the myth that Castro was his father. Castro never met Margaret OR Pierre Trudeau until 1976. Justin was born in 1971. Be sure to tell your pals.

      • The Trudeau’s had a Caribbean tour in 1970 or 71. All destinations recorded except one. Hmm, wonder where they went. You show me one physical characteristic shared between Pierre and Justine. You can’t, because there isn’t one. Margaret was a whore, Pierre was a cuck that loved to watch Fidel fcuk his new wife.

  9. In this world full of corruption, the Police Administrators have no backbone, the Press has idea how to print truth, the Courts and the Legal System will not act on evidence and those who think they are elite are delusional, power hungry criminals.

    We are fast approaching the time when those who have the ability to act will be required to act in the preservation of our society.

    The following words, inspired of God, are as true today as the day were penned.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security.”

  10. You think pedfiles are mental and for that should be mentally hospitalized
    In a syke wards all over the USA RIGHT!!
    OR ARE YOU ONE AS WELL putting out that statement
    That’s what it means to vote pediphiler Biden vote in this piece of shit will help all you pedfiles go fuck your self !fuckers with your attatude it’s ok to say it’s a disease
    it’s a sickness????
    that’s all choice there’s not anyone forceing anyone to do it
    so get fucked

  11. Let’s have your kids raped and tourchered And see what you have to say
    they are just sick in the head it’s ok we know they are just mentally challenged
    but can go buy liqure and get drugs socialize like they are normal
    that says it’s not a disease it’s a choice the fucking stupid Biden supporter is
    Because only a pedifile supporter would vote Biden

  12. This isn’t surprising. Many of the “ruling elite” are involved in pedophilia; it is the glue that binds them.

    Epstein, (late) Craig Spence, Larry King, etc. are known child traffickers with elite clients..

    In Cornwall Canada, police officer Perry Dunlop uncovered a pedophile ring involving several prominent members of the community, including members of the Catholic Diocese, Lawyers, Probation officers and the Chief of Police.

    His evidence was continually ignored by law enforcement, and he wanted to read from a prepared statement of facts during the trial. The judge said “no”, and Dunlop refused to testify.

    None of the “alleged” pedophiles (around 200 if I recall correctly) were sent to jail, and I believe 1 bus driver was charged with indecent exposure or something similar.

    Project Truth, as it was ironically named, resulted in the Judge stating that he could neither confirm or deny the existence of a pedophile ring.

    Perry Dunlop – the police officer who uncovered the pedophile ring and tried to expose it – was sent to jail for contempt of court.

    There are many, many more examples of these disgusting pedophile rings that exist among the ruling elite.

  13. The corrupt cartel protecting their pedophiles. The corruption is exposed daily and a certain pos should be arrested for pedophilia, treason and hate crimes.

  14. It took me years to stand up and press charges against my abuser. Got me no where. Within 3 years he received a pardon and can travel the world. Then tried civil court. Little accomplished. Victims of sexual abuse are easily dismissed because the entire political /judicial world is corrupt. 45 years ago….should have cut his dick off while he slept. It’s what they all deserve.

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