Emboldened by Silver conviction, Bharara to indict Cuomo Jan 2nd

United States Attorney Preet Bharara feels emboldened, sources say, following the conviction of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — on all of seven corruption charges. Despite lacking a “smoking gun” to constitute an explicit quid pro quo, the jury handed Bharara a sweeping win. Such is the public’s appetite for corrupt politicians, observers say.

Three sources are confirming that Bharara intends to indict Governor Andrew Cuomo on January 2nd — along with a half dozen associates and former staffers — on public corruption, racketeering, conspiracy, and honest services fraud.

The Chronicle is unable to confirm widespread rumors that the former staffers are Howard Glaser, Joe Percoco and Larry Schwartz.

Glaser resigned in June of last year as Director of State Operations and was thought to be Cuomo’s top aide. Percoco left a $175,000 salary with the Governor on October 25th of this year, and was known as Cuomo’s “political enforcer.”

Schwartz was caught up in the Moreland Commission scandal. He is thought to be guilty of obstruction of justice for actions he took in the hours immediately following Bharara’s confiscation of Moreland Commission documents.

One of the three sources — a longtime Albany insider — says that there are at least three additional targets of the investigation, likely to include Alain Kaloyeros, the head of SUNY Polytech who, at $800,000 per annum, is the highest paid state employee.

The other two men are said to be from Buffalo and have been “involved in the Administration’s economic development deals in particularly unseemly ways,” but the source would not elaborate.


  1. These criminals are writing laws that violate our Constitution and many more in our government needs to face the same let’s clean them all out

  2. So many lives adversely affected, destroyed and in turmoil from the actions of Albany politicians. He needs to go to Washington and pick up former Commissioner King then head down to Rockland County and sweep up members of the Democratic and Republican party. But first stop must be in the town of Ramapo.

  3. It cannot happen soon enough! Andrew Cuomo is a tyrant and a criminal and should spend considerable time behind bars. Thank you Mr Bharara for doing the right thing. Keep up the good work

  4. Hey Phreet why wait until the new year? Indict him December 23rd and give the people of New York State a nice Christmas present.

    • Nah…make ’em sweat it out over the holidays. It’s a more fitting punishment for the absolutely awful Cuomo.

  5. Not sure how buffalo chronicle broke this story. Who are the three sources? Hope this isn’t a case of an overzealous “reporter” creating a story. If Cuomo isn’t indicted on the 2nd I know someone who should be.

  6. From Wikipedia: A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.

    Hey, sounds like the NY SAFE Act!

  7. I hope Obama doesn’t pardon Cuomo’s sad ass! As I would like to see that piece of garbage get a solid 20 no parole!

  8. LOL at all the commenters who consider gun control to be Cuomo’s cardinal sin … the issue is CORRUPTION, not the fact that he has a different ideology on guns that you do. The SAFE Act is one of the few times when he’s actually OPPOSED money interests. Usually he does exactly what the plutocrats want.

    • People aren’t bringing up the SAFE Act instead of his corruption, Joe. They are bringing it up as an example of his corruption, since it was an unconstitutional law that he bullied and forced through in the eleventh hour without giving the legislature time to actually read what was in it. Whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun, it doesn’t change the fact that this particular piece of legislation runs contrary to our inalienable rights as laid out in the Bill of Rights and was pushed through in a shady way and should have been protested by all, not just the pro-gun citizens. I bet if it had infringed upon our freedom of speech or religious freedom it would have been condemned statewide. I guess only certain rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights are actually important.

  9. I hope this is true!! Oh man sitting here just hoping this is reliable. This guy treats his employees so bad and won’t root out corruption and disbanded a commission to root out corruption. Astorino was right!

  10. …Sheldon Silver played Monopoly and lost. The game’s rules state that he “does not collect $200, his turn ends, and must go directly to jail. ” There’s no ‘get out of jail free card’. And now, Skellos, and Mario; who is next? They never learn.

  11. clean up corrupt court system especially matrimonial and custody in family court and supreme especially in Queens where corrupt judges violate litigants due process and constitutional rights as imperative investigations be done of Judges Bogacz, Referee Stanton, Judge Stokinger, Judge Jeremy Weinstein, Judge Sid Strauss, Magistrate Contaratos and many others who are put in power to help the politicians and do not care about litigants right to fair trial as they will help politicians and get money from who they can. There need to be oversight committees set up as Judicial Misconduct Commission is a joke and judges must be held accountable for their decisions and orders when they violate the constitution and due process and when they have an interest in proceedings and take their vengence out on litigants by hurting them and their children and wipe out their assets to make money for lawyers who are their friends conflicts of interest must be stopped and we must select our judges based on merit not political connections clean out the courts now so we can get justice for our people and get term limits in senate, congress, assembly, district attorney of no more than 6 years during their lifetime to stop corruption. Cuomo picked Bonomo from PRI to be in charge of horseracing after he gave big money to Cuomo’s elections and he worked with Glenwood Properties apparently to put up huge buildings that do not mostly offer affordable housing because Litwin gave him money for his races for govt. positions so stop the lobbyists from giving money and the corporations to elected officials and to those running for office. Cuomo’s father had former mob boss Castalano as his former chief of staff and they have maintained friendship with his relatives and friends as they are friends of the mob and connections with them.

  12. Il Duce (the 2nd) could be next to be hung in the public square.
    He should be in a cell right next to Skelos and Silver. They could then try and influence peddle on cell block 15.

    PS: Cuomo should be indicted for his fraudelent raping of taxpayer money with his doling of BILLIONS of our money to the wind and solar charlatan cronies of his. Look it up!

  13. The family courts in Albany and Rensselaer County need a HUGE clean up-Theres some real dirty “Mario” players that were appointed there, its a stinky stench of back door deals, egos, nepotism, pay to play, bribes and good old boys network. And children’s lives are being affected and former changed due to illegal decisions and tactics within those courtrooms. These people need to be STOPPED!!!

  14. Says that “Alain Kaloyeros, the head of SUNY Polytech who, at $800,000 per annum, is the highest paid state employee.”

    His Bio: Alain E. Kaloyeros is Professor of Nanoscience, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany-SUNY, and Vice President and Special Advisor to the President, University-wide Economic Innovation and Outreach

    Special Advisor to the President. Impressive. And where was he born?

    Let’s think about that……

    • They’re saying President of the University & Departments I believe, not of the USA. But, with his knowledge of that technology, he should be well paid.

  15. Only tw0 of the Three? I hoped it was comming for the last of the Triumvirate.Well deserved and well overdue.

  16. And give us back our gun rights in NY and eliminate the crippling firearm and magazine limitations that are handicapping us unto death if confronted by bad guys!!!

    • Take a look at what happened in San Bernardino with your automatic weapons
      And magazines
      You are living proof of any sanity in allowing automatic weapons to be sold in this Country
      If you want to shoot your mouth off about the Safe Act join the military and go join our brave service men and women overseas

      • Automatic weapons were not used in San Bernardino. Automatic weapons are extremely rare and expensive (tens of thousands of dollars each). According to the reports, AR-15’s and semi-automatic pistols were used. In addition, the so called “high capacity” magazines (more than 10 rounds) are illegal in California – at least anything made or purchased in the last 15 years. California was way ahead of New York on these issues. It hasn’t been very effective.

      • ALREADY DID, sand and mud still shoot Semi Automatics better than you!
        UnSafeAct make’s it a free fire zone for criminals.

  17. I grew up in W.N.Y and was well aware of, and lived with local government corruption the entire time I lived there. It is at the heart of the area’s seemingly continual downward spiral.

    Recently however, there have been some good local politicians elected and maybe this is the turning point?

  18. You Mensa members realize that Jan 2nd is a Saturday?
    They are going to indicit him on a weekend! A Holiday weekend!

  19. “The Ugly George Show” was the most-watched show EVER on NYC CableTV. But UG quickly learned that the (vaunted) NYC Press hath anointed itself as “America’s Voice”, nay-“The World’s Voice”; and that “rural” Upstate NY is just a bunch of “Hicks & Rubes who don’t matter”. and that the Rube-Rag Buffalo Chronicle just lists hay prices..So imagine my surprise when the “despised” Chronicle scoops Gotham by in-dept›h reporting on Gov.Cuomo’s indictment Jam.2, 2016! And even notes his father’s approval of the dismissal of the Moreland Commission when it got too close to home. FYI, today’s “Mainstream” NYC Press os all about the “heartwarming” tale of a women who got her puppy back…your Pulitzer is in the mail!

  20. Drop dead Preet!!! You are scum . Nothing you do is for the good of the people . Everything you do id for your selfish self.

    • Are you serious he is going after corrupt politicians that are robbing the taxpayer blind cause they think we the taxpayer can do nothing about it. This guy is protecting the people. He is actually removing corrupt scum and making room for good politicians that that serve the people instead of serving themselves and lining their pockets with our money.

  21. Thank you Mr. Bharara. You did what the people could not do. You are breath of fresh air in Albany’s cesspool.

  22. Go get him Peet. He wanted to clean up Albany but he was the main culprit. When the farse of the Moreland Commission got close to the root of the problem Andy disbanded it. His cronies are no better. Finish what he started.

  23. Dam strait bout time that UnsafeAct bastard got what’s coming.
    But I See a Heart attack, or Auto Accident in Bharara’s future…

  24. …. and Silvers will get his pension. What’s wrong with that picture? I’m sure Cuomo has some skeletons in his closet as well.

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