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Will Grisanti step aside for the party?

In a stunning — but not all together unexpected — upset defeat, Sen. Mark Grisanti lost the Republican Party’s nomination for the 60th district Senate Senate seat that he now holds. While he continues to have the endorsement of the

NY Senate

Senator Coppola will work to repeal the NYSAFE Act

Perhaps no other issue this election cycle has as many New Yorkers outraged over the excesses of government overreach than Andrew Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act, which severely infringes on second amendment protections. Republican Mark Grisanti was instrumental to the law’s passage.


Senator Coppola: “Stop bashing teachers, stupid”

Senator Al Coppola, the Democrat running for State Senate against Mark Grisanti, is disgusted with the way that today’s political discourse has wrongly bashed teachers in the media, often using hard working career professionals as political scapegoats — for purposes that often have little to do with

NY Senate

Stocker to repeal Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act

Former Town Prosecutor Kevin Stocker is dead set against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act, which was pushed through the New York State Senate swiftly and secretly — with Sen. Mark Grisanti’s help. Stocker is vowing to repeal the law as

NY Senate

Panepinto is owned by the teachers’ unions

State Senate candidate Marc Panepinto, a Buffalo Democrat who was once convicted of election fraud and whose license to practice law was suspended for one year, is expecting that the New York State Union of Teachers (NYSUT) will be bankrolling his campaign.