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Rumors percolating that Anderson may primary Ranzenhofer in 61st district

It’s being rumored  among politicos that Senator Mike Ranzenhofer, an unaccomplished backbencher who has held his seat since Mary Lou Rath retired in 2008, may face a primary challenge this cycle. Ranzenholfer has had difficulty articulating a rationale for reelection, without

NY Senate

Who will primary Tim Kennedy?

Political operatives have been searching for a Senate candidate in the 63rd district, but no candidate has yet stepped forward. Senator Tim Kennedy is among the chamber’s more vulnerable incumbents, despite the enormous Democratic Party enrollment advantage in the district.  The

NY Senate

Local film industry is angry with Rob Ortt

When freshman Senator Rob Ortt, a Republican of North Tonawanda, sent out a mailer to supporters last week lambasting the the Cuomo administration’s film industry tax credit, he probably thought that he was speaking to a receptive audience. But the