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Norb’s Corner: Love

BY NORBERT RUG I recently received a picture of a painting from a local Buffalo artist of two older people hand in hand walking away due to something I had published in the newspaper. It reminded me of my wife

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In age of robots, get a Roomba

BY NORBERT RUG We have a couple of residents at our house. We don’t have to feed them. They never need a doctor’s appointment. We don’t have to take them anywhere. And here’s the best part, they never make a

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Winter driving, let it snow

BY NORBERT RUG Winter can also be a very hazardous time of the year especially in Western New York, sunny one minute, and a blizzard 3 miles down the road. It pays to prepare yourself for the unexpected by having

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I write much more than I need to…

BY NORBERT RUG I tend to write much more than I need to, but when I can’t write, it’s a very distressing feeling. A good day is when I get articles published in multiple places. My mind tends to become

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Treat women like you treat your mother

BY NORBERT RUG Since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, policies have been devised to keep men out of possible trouble. Men are learning the importance of respecting every woman and valuing them as human beings. I have written about

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At least we laugh

BY NORBERT RUG For 10 years of my life, I worked at Milkbone in Buffalo where I was a maintenance man on the packing floor. A large part of my day was spent sitting around waiting for a breakdown. I


The promise of immunotherapy

BY NORBERT RUG As an eight-year, three-time, cancer survivor, I always read with interest in the latest advances in cancer treatment. Over the years I have been poked, prodded and probed. I have been subjected to MRIs, CAT scans, X-rays,