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Thoughts on jury duty

BY NORBERT RUG It’s a small piece of paper, usually the size of a postcard and it is easily hidden between the junk mail and the bills that crowd a mailbox, but it manages to create fear in many of

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Growing old when technology stays young

BY NORBERT RUG I thought I would feel completely different about growing older. I thought I’d worry more about getting gray hair and the spare tire that would collect around my stomach after I had retired than I have. As

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Sometimes my memory fails me

I occasionally wander around my home looking for my cane. Sometimes I walk into a room and wonder why I went there. Occasionally, it is because I am looking for my cane. I couldn’t tell you what I ate for

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Norb’s Corner: Love

BY NORBERT RUG I recently received a picture of a painting from a local Buffalo artist of two older people hand in hand walking away due to something I had published in the newspaper. It reminded me of my wife

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In age of robots, get a Roomba

BY NORBERT RUG We have a couple of residents at our house. We don’t have to feed them. They never need a doctor’s appointment. We don’t have to take them anywhere. And here’s the best part, they never make a

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Winter driving, let it snow

BY NORBERT RUG Winter can also be a very hazardous time of the year especially in Western New York, sunny one minute, and a blizzard 3 miles down the road. It pays to prepare yourself for the unexpected by having

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I write much more than I need to…

BY NORBERT RUG I tend to write much more than I need to, but when I can’t write, it’s a very distressing feeling. A good day is when I get articles published in multiple places. My mind tends to become

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Treat women like you treat your mother

BY NORBERT RUG Since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, policies have been devised to keep men out of possible trouble. Men are learning the importance of respecting every woman and valuing them as human beings. I have written about

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At least we laugh

BY NORBERT RUG For 10 years of my life, I worked at Milkbone in Buffalo where I was a maintenance man on the packing floor. A large part of my day was spent sitting around waiting for a breakdown. I


The promise of immunotherapy

BY NORBERT RUG As an eight-year, three-time, cancer survivor, I always read with interest in the latest advances in cancer treatment. Over the years I have been poked, prodded and probed. I have been subjected to MRIs, CAT scans, X-rays,

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Autumn leaves, a less troublesome topic

BY NORBERT RUG The falling leaves drift by my window, The falling leaves of red and gold. Frank Sinatra (1954) Now that the midterm elections are over, all those intrusive political ads of the past few months have settled down.