Wyatt likely to see challenge in University district

Rasheed Wyatt, the city’s University district councilman, is likely to see a primary challenge next year. Wyatt is politically untested, lacks name recognition, doesn’t have a portfolio of accomplishments on which incumbents typically run, and has held his Council seat


Rivera could face Bernice Radle in the Niagara district

The city’s well organized and wildly energized preservation community has been searching desperately for political leadership. Rumor has it that they have found their candidate in Bernice Radle, the do-it-yourself development guru and co-founder of Buffalove Development. The incumbent, David


Heated primary battle expected in Delaware district

Political operatives expect north district school board member Jay McCarthy to primary Councilman Mike LoCurto in the city’s Delaware district next year. McCarthy hasn’t made his intentions public and LoCurto hasn’t decided whether or not to run for reelection, but