NY Senate

Will Grisanti step aside for the party?

In a stunning — but not all together unexpected — upset defeat, Sen. Mark Grisanti lost the Republican Party’s nomination for the 60th district Senate Senate seat that he now holds. While he continues to have the endorsement of the


The Chronicle on Think Twice Radio

Celeste Lawson, the host of Biz, Bites, and Buzz on Think Twice Radio, was kind enough to invite me on last week to discuss The Buffalo Chronicle, the state of politics on the School Board, and the challenges our city faces in


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Our initial print circulation is 20,000 households in North Buffalo, Parkside, the Delaware District, and parts of University Heights. If you live in those neighborhoods, you can wait for a copy to be delivered at your doorstep very soon. Otherwise,

NY Assembly

Peoples-Stokes is a no-show at Assembly debate

Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, a twelve-year incumbent, was a no-show at last Thursday night’s Democratic primary debate. The audience booed her absence and expressed long moans of displeasure that lasted a number of minutes, as her chair sat empty. Challengers Antoine Thompson

NY Senate

Senator Coppola will work to repeal the NYSAFE Act

Perhaps no other issue this election cycle has as many New Yorkers outraged over the excesses of government overreach than Andrew Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act, which severely infringes on second amendment protections. Republican Mark Grisanti was instrumental to the law’s passage.