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Hawley drops out of Republican primary in the 27th congressional district

In a statement released late this afternoon, Assemblyman Steve Hawley announced that he is withdrawing from the Republican Primary contest in New York’s 27th district, where Rep. Chris Collins resigned upon being convicted of insider trading charges. The development is

The Buffalo Chronicle

Ricchiazzi responds to questions posed by Politico

Matthew Ricchiazzi, the publisher of The Buffalo Chronicle, was kind enough to respond to questions posed by Caitlin Dewey, a writer with Politico.   I understand the Chronicle is not your full-time gig — what else do you do for work? Can you


Ricchiazzi cuts ties with Parlato publications

Matthew Ricchiazzi, who retains a controlling interest in The Buffalo Chronicle, is canceling a content sharing agreement with Frank Parlato, Jr. and three of his publications, including Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, the South Buffalo News and the Lackawanna Front

The Buffalo Chronicle

CBC interviews publisher of The Buffalo Chronicle

The investigative reporter Andrea Bellemare of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a state-funded news network, posed several questions to Matthew Ricchiazzi, the publisher of The Buffalo Chronicle.  Here’s that interview in its entirety.  What prompted you to start publishing stories about

The Buffalo Chronicle

Toronto Star interviews Buffalo Chronicle publisher

Marco Chown Oved, an investigative reporter with The Toronto Star, posed several questions to Matthew Ricchiazzi, the publisher of The Buffalo Chronicle, this week.  Those responses are published here unedited and in their entirety.  Where did The Buffalo Chronicle come from? I founded The

Niagara Falls

Parlato: Plan to dewater Falls is bad for business

BY FRANK PARLATO  There has been a lot reported in local media about a recent New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYSOPR) proposal to dewater Niagara Falls.  “Dewatering is necessary for two reasons,” a report from

Niagara Falls

Parlato: Blame NYPA for sky-high electric costs

By Frank Parlato, The Niagara Falls Reporter  Some things don’t add up. For instance, there is no cheap electrical power in Niagara Falls! That’s funny, too, because this is where power is generated. Search around the globe, and you won’t


When was the last time you took a train?

BY FRANK PARLATO There was a time when husbands and wives did it frequently. Lovers thought it was incredibly romantic to do over and over again. Sometimes they did it all night long and from city to city. When was

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A threatening crescendo

BY JOE GENCO –I read this 1,100-word article from NPR, hoping for clarity, but there was none — the Women’s March in Washington doesn’t appear to be doing more than striking a threatening crescendo, “if you think we are mad

Today's Take

A short take on today’s news

BY JOE GENCO –Snow Roll. Bike riding in the cold. Noon. Be there. http://slowrollbuffalo.org/site-map-snow-roll-barrel-facto…/ –Alan Bedenko glibly gloats as Chris Collins bleats and croaks about e-mails attacked and hacked. Bedenko has a point: Republicans want everything investigated until it’s something that

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As Trump scapegoats refugee families…

BY JOE GENCO –Interested in learning more about eating the food that surrounds you? Join Eric Cornell, Euell Gibbons and me from 12-3 today at Ashker’s. Register here. Soon I will give up shaving my armpits. OK, I made up the

Animal Rights

‘Wrong House’ raid leads to death of dog for Sgt. Aljoe

BY FRANK PARLATO Working off a tip from ‘snitch’, Buffalo Police Lieutenant Sean O’Brien and Detective Shawn Adams went before the Chief Judge of Buffalo City Courts, the Hon. Judge Thomas Amodeo, and swore they had probable cause to raid

Niagara Falls

Olmsted has left the region’s best Olmsted park

BY FRANK PARLATO The Empire State Development Corp.will be issuing a request for proposals to build “greater outdoor activities” on Goat Island, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Build on Goat Island. “[T]hat will boost tourism and give people an international


Ambitious picture of Pridgen, or did he not go far enough?

BY FRANK PARLATO Buffalo Councilman and Pastor of the True Bethel Baptist Church, Reverend Darius G. Pridgen has evidently created and had posted on Facebook a photo-shopped, Mount Rushmore-esque image where he appears alongside Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and