Claudia Tenney performed orally on Capitol Hill police officer, former intern alleges

Rep. Claudia Tenney performed oral sex on a Capitol Hill police officer in late November of 2018, shortly after Tenney lost her reelection bid that year, a former intern alleges.  That intern fears being ‘blacklisted’ and asked that this publication withhold his name.

On three occasions, the intern witnessed an African American Capitol Hill police officer in his early thirties enter the congresswoman’s office “for 20 to 30 minutes at a time” during which he and others in the office noticed pronounced “sounds of lust” emanating from just beyond the office’s closed door.

The intern says the sounds were distinct enough to discern that Tenney was performing oral sex on the police officer.  It was unclear if the officer was on duty or on a scheduled break at the time of the encounter.

Tenney did not acknowledge the encounters immediately after the officer left her office, and none of the staffers present raised the issue.

Assigned to answer phones and take messages inside Tenney’s office, the intern was uninvolved with Tenney’s political campaign. Now 24 years old and in graduate school, at the time he was living in DC for the 2018 fall academic semester.

“Following her election loss she returned to DC and it seemed like she had been drinking.  We didn’t expect her in the office during November,” he explains.  “So her presence was odd.”

“Without being too graphic, it was clear she was quenching a thirst that she had for the officer,” he adds.


  1. As someone who was very close with Rep. Tenney’s staff, these allegations are wholly false and outrageous. “Lustful sounds” and “quenching a thirst”? Really? Try writing about something that matters instead of trying to be the national inquirer.

  2. Interesting how this BS story has no byline. An unnamed witness, an unnamed journalist — absolutely no credibility to this story.

  3. This is obviously a fake story, I’ve blown a bunch of dudes and look where it’s hotten me, nowhere!

  4. This article is wholly unfounded, vile and despicable. I know Claudi Tenney personally and can attest to the fact that this never happened. Your publication knows it is untrue and should be sued for defamation.

  5. I am a left wing socialist. I would never vote for her, i disagree with many of her views, but this article is very low. Even if this ridiculous speculation is true, impact does her private sex life have on her ability to govern?

    This type of bullshit character defamation tactic is why people say both sides are the same.

    Focus on the real issues you price of trash fake news rag!

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