Gavin Newsom often had sex in office during work hours, alleged to have harassed staffer

California Governor Gavin Newsom, the well-known playboy of the Democratic Party, is the subject of new harassment allegations from a junior state employee who asked not to be named.

Newsom is alleged to have had enjoyed repeated sexual encounters inside the Governor’s formal office in Sacramento, often within earshot of staffers and security personnel, sometimes during business hours.  After one such encounter, he is alleged to have invited the junior employee to participate in the endeavor, which included two women who were not his wife.

The situation is said to have occurred early in Newsom’s first term as Governor, but sources say that his womanizing and infidelities are well known to staffers and Sacramento-area political operatives.

On one occasion, a former executive assistant felt “excessively man-handled” during a “thank you hug” following an office Christmas Party in 2018, in which Newsom liberally draped his hands on her shoulders, lower back, and ultimately held her hips close to his hips while he was semi-erect.

Newsom had been drinking that evening with staffers.

Newsom is no stranger to sex scandals, which have punctuated his time at San Francisco City Hall and in Sacramento fairly regularly.  In one high-profile affair, Newsom had carried on a secret relationship with the wife of his Cheif of Staff, who abruptly quit upon learning of the affair just months before the election.

While serving on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisor he commonly joked about the apparently large size of his genitalia, sometimes in the presence of other elected officials, sources tell The Chronicle. 

Liberal activists have grown to resent the privileged relationship that Newsom has enjoyed with the party establishment, which has been seen as bending the rules to accommodate his political good fortunes.




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