Defining the market in the Epic Games v. Apple trial

By Daniel Lyons Early in Epic Games’ antitrust suit against Apple, presiding Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers billed the dispute as a case at the “frontier edges of antitrust law.” But the trial began not with a bang but a whimper. The first

Foreign Policy

Melting diplomatic ice at Arctic Council meeting

BY ELISABETH BRAW Ordinarily, the Arctic is perceived as a sleepy region where nothing much happens. Well, this week something happened, and not just the continued climate change that is causing irreparable damage to this delicate part of the world.


New York’s jobs recovery outpaced U.S. in April

BY E.J. McMAHON Private-sector employment in New York increased faster than the nationwide recovery rate in the month of April, according to the state’s latest monthly jobs report. The April count of private-sector employment was estimated at 7.4 million jobs, up

City & Region

Financial plan reflects a budget loaded with cash

BY E.J. McMAHON Barely a year after Governor Cuomo declared the state was “broke” due to the pandemic, New York’s budget is bursting with cash—fueling enormous spending hikes, as shown in the financial plan update released today by Governor Cuomo’s Division