ABRAMS: Conservatives should not give up on American education

BY SAMUEL ABRAMS Surveys and reports showing that only small numbers of conservatives and Republicans believe higher education has a positive effect on the country regularly make national news. The explicit rationale for these sentiments is not entirely clear, but there are numerous possible

Foreign Policy

Swedish Navy asks the public to be on the lookout

BY ELISABETH BRAW Anyone who has ever visited London has seen the posters and heard the announcements on Tube stations instructing people to “see it, say it, sorted.” The public awareness campaign encouraging people to report odd behavior to the

Foreign Policy

Putin, Ukraine, and Biden

BY LEON ARON Whether or not Russian troops cross the Ukrainian border to start yet another invasion of Ukraine, the reasons for Russia’s massing troops on the Russian side of the line fall into two categories. The first, permanent and

Foreign Policy

Biden avenges Russian grayzone aggression

BY ELISABETH BRAW In the grayzone between war and peace, the targeted country always struggles with the dilemma of when and how to respond to aggression. In the United States, neither the Obama administration nor the Trump administration managed to

National Headlines

America’s missing $11 trillion

BY JAMES PETHOKOUKIS Increasing worker productivity is critical to raising living standards over the long run. But what does that mean, exactly? Consider this: If the American economy had been able to maintain the rapid productivity growth experienced in the


The zero-sum administration’s corporate tax plan

BY PAUL H. KUPIEC Newly-elected administrations try to lay the groundwork for their legacy in the first 100-days in office. During their “honeymoon” period, they introduce landmark legislation and issue executive orders to address existential economic or national security concerns,


Quantum computing: A national security primer

BY KLON KITCHEN Quantum computing is a rapidly advancing field of computer science that harnesses the mind-bending dynamics of quantum physics—the behavior of the universe’s smallest particles—to produce computers with vast new capabilities.1 The physics behind quantum computing are immensely complex,