State Budget

Pending pharmacy ‘carve-out’ could increase Medicaid costs rather than controlling them

BY BILL HAMMOND A pending change to New York’s Medicaid program known as the pharmacy “carve-out” is drawing opposition from a range of interests, including insurers, AIDS clinics and the health-care labor union 1199 SEIU. New Yorkers concerned about good


Cuomo operatives: “It’s not Gay if you’re Italian”

Sources familiar with Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s thinking explain to The Chronicle that — if he were to come out as ‘openly bisexual’ as many Albany politicos have been rumoring for weeks — it would be a more nuanced announcement.  “Italian-Americans don’t


Would Canadians enjoy more freedom with the American constitution?

At first, it might seem outrageous to even consider — perhaps even preposterous — but contemplate for a moment a plausible (albeit far-fetched) scenario of geopolitics: Imagine that Canada’s thirteen provinces joined the United States of America as thirteen sovereign

Hunter Biden

Was Hunter Biden having a sexual affair with his niece?

Chinese media outlets have been reporting that Hunter Biden has been engaging in a sexual relationship with his niece.  It’s alleged that videos of the two have been found on the laptop that he left at a Delaware computer repair