WE charity funded Sophie Gregoire’s rendezvous with Idris Elba

The WE Charity — which has been the subject of a stunning public corruption scandal that has shaken Justin Trudeau‘s minority government in recent months — organized and funded Sophie Gregoire‘s rendezvous with British superstar Idris Elba, and did so at the request of former Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who arranged the encounter between Gregoire and Elba as a favor to Trudeau.

Trudeau has been experiencing martial troubles since late last fall when Gregoire learned of Trudeau’s past sexual indiscretions and ongoing infidelity. Gregoire had not realized that Trudeau has been in an ongoing and open relationship with Ben Mulroney that long pre-dates their marriage.

Trudeau and Gregoire have not been intimate since late last summer and it’s thought that Gregoire has been sexually frustrated in her marriage for years.

Sophie Gregoire was shocked to learn that Justin Trudeau and Ben Mulroney have enjoyed an open relationship that predates their marriages. Trudeau has been struggling with whether or not to come out as “Canada’s first openly bisexual Prime Minister”.

When Trudeau confided in Morneau that Gregoire threatened to divorce him — in part to get Morneau’s approval of more than $8 million in renovations to the Prime Minister’s Harrington Lake retreat — Morneau responded as a friend would.

Morneau agreed to help Trudeau save his marriage, hoping that Gregoire would merely separate from rather than divorce the Prime Minister. He fast tracked millions in new spending for a second mansion at the retreat, intended to accommodate Gregoire’s desire to live with her children separately from Trudeau.

Morneau suggested that Trudeau arrange a sexual encounter for his wife, and offered to help. Morneau’s daughter works for the WE Charity, and manages its spending on travel for dignitaries. Morneau, himself, had taken tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses from the entity.

Morneau feels betrayed that Trudeau asked for his resignation last month. He remains resentful and has been leaking damaging information to political operatives in recent days. He had considered Trudeau a friend.

Trudeau suggested the encounter take place abroad in order to avoid public scrutiny, and explained to Morneau that he struggles to sexually satisfy Gregoire and was often unable to ‘ravage’ her in the way that she thirsted. After making a phone call, Morneau recommended a London event where Elba had already been scheduled to appear.

It’s widely believed that Gregoire and Elba enjoyed each others company while in London. When Gregoire had been infected with the Coronavirus, she publicly worried that she had been infected by Elba.

Trudeau and Gregoire have not commented publicly on their marital status. Critics suspect that is because their separation has caused Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars in spending to maintain an unprecedentedly luxurious lifestyle for the Prime Minister and his family.

When Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2015, he refused to live at the Prime Minister’s official residence at 24 Sussex, calling the building ‘dilapidated’. He moved his family instead into the recently renovated Rideau Cottage, on the grounds of the Governor General’s palace. Sources tell The Chronicle that Trudeau has been using the 24 Sussex property for extramarital sexual encounters since becoming Prime Minister, including with at least two campaign volunteers.
The WE Charity was founded as Free the Children, predicated on preventing child labor abroad. Trudeau offered the organization’s real estate holding company a $42 million no-bid contract to administer a $900 million program predicated on youth volunteerism. Ironically, the Trudeau government had intended to pay Canadian youth below minimum-wage labor rates for ‘volunteerism’. Trudeau had been planning to call a federal election this fall, and his critics believe the no-bid contract was a ploy to use taxpayer dollars to fund political field work.


      • Funny how nobody in canada is reading this paper. And if it is such lies as everyone seems to say where are the flying libel suits?

        • Go to DuckDuckGo search engine and search privately “arrests of famous people 2020”
          You will be surprised by the list

    • Not liking Trudeau at all, but can’t stand that Sophie. She just wants to sing (or wail) for all she can get. The pair of them are awful.

      • Not so sure about that. The article’s importance is not so much about Sophie, as about Trudeau and his affair…read it to see who he had/has the affair with!

      • you mean his father or his dad? History never repeats, but it sure as hell rhymes a lot, right Mick? ROFL!

    • Justin and Ben, not a doubt in my mind that those 2 are. Look at either one of them, confused and lost the clear telling sign that something is not right in their head. They know somethig is wrong but they just don’t know how to deal with it. It’s something that all of us knew for a very long time so they might as well come out of the closet now. Put your trucks away boys and get the dolls out.

  1. While the claims made here do fill in a lot of blanks it would be nice to see some verification and sources on record.

    • Yes agree! So much of this can certainly be the truth! But because this chronicle has in the past written fake news, but on the other hand pieces written here has been noted in 🇨🇦Papers

  2. I am not surprised at the level of corruption and outright lies the Liberals have been pedaling they are even guilty even more so under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. Time to remove him and his cronies was the last election. So much damage has been done that I wonder if we will ever get out of debt and or national embarrassment

  3. Why are Canadian papers not reporting on this . Why do we have to get news about Trudeau from the states? . All the Canadian papers cannot be corrupt can they ???

  4. The Liberal loyalty of most Canadian papers is bought and paid for by Trudope with millions of our tax tax dollars

  5. You know in the story he names Morneau leaking info and if he is best to leak to American paper. Trudeau can’t sue a u.s paper for this not the frist time a American paper gets the goods on him.

  6. TIRDBUMB gave news papers millions of dollars, and CBC and CTV got $ 640,000,000.00 and Global TV was purchased by Izzy Asper from winnipeg, who was liberal , so even global barely says any thing negative about the Liberals.

  7. Lots of swamp in Ottawa now. Probably always was, but this all eventully gets out. He is such a puke.

  8. It’s not Trudeau at fault here again. Yes he is a fool but the problem is and has always been the voting majority. It’s all the blind-eyed, deaf-eared, soft-soap naïve/ignorant people who voted for his Liberal government. Until the Liberals are thrown out of government their party won’t be forced to pick another leader. WAKE UP.

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