Foreign Policy

A ‘WHO’ for democracies

BY JOHN YOO The pandemic has thrown the defects of the existing world order into sharp relief.  Most obviously, it has exposed the deficiencies of the World Health Organization (WHO) due to excessive Chinese influence over its leadership. On May

Foreign Policy

Misunderstanding US-China economic comparisons

BY DEREK SCISSORS Two weeks ago, the World Bank published new estimates putting China slightly ahead of the US in 2017 gross domestic product (GDP) adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP). This is badly misleading. China may become a true peer of

2020 Presidential Election

Incumbent defeats in primaries

BY KARLYN BOWMAN This week, Iowa Republican representative Steve King became the second incumbent this cycle to lose his congressional seat in a primary. State Sen. Randy Feenstra defeated the nine-term incumbent, and the seat is expected to stay in


ORRELL: Pandemics, elites, and the future of the cities

BY BRENT ORRELL Pandemics have not historically been equal-opportunity offenders. Those with resources tend to decamp to country estates while those without bear the brunt of infections and deaths. Two maps from recent editions of the New York Times illustrate how nothing is more constant