Political Analysis

The dark art of political warfare

BY HAL BRANDS Political warfare is the next big thing in US foreign policy. For years, America’s authoritarian rivals have waged aggressive political warfare campaigns against the United States and its allies. China and Russia are using cyberattacks, economic coercion,


‘Hockey Stick’ spending hikes make even less sense now

BY MATT WEIDINGER Last October, the House Ways and Means Committee approved, along party lines, legislation to extend and expand the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program.  HPOG is one of more than 40 federal education and training programs and provides low-income individuals training

2020 Presidential Election

What would Trump do in a second term?

BY JAMES PETHOKOUKIS Did Donald Trump take over the Republican Party, or was it the other way around? Yes, Trump’s multi-front trade war was a violent break from GOP economic orthodoxy. But in many other ways on policy, the president

Foreign Policy

Coercing China on climate change?

BY DEREK SCISSORS The atmosphere does not respond to greenhouse gas emissions per capita or scaled by economic size or to “fairness,” only to the quantity of emissions. The latest data on those quantities reinforce that (prospective) American policy-makers who see climate


Let’s help Americans move to where the jobs are

BY MATT WEIDINGER The list of supposed inequalities among Americans is long, and getting longer: income inequality, food inequality, housing inequality, education inequality, and even death inequality. Many see unequal outcomes in every facet of American life, and along with them, new government spending


BARRON: Trouble in Grand Central’s paradise

BY SETH BARRON On a slushy, snowy December day, the lower concourse of Grand Central Terminal, which includes a mall-style food court, is packed with tourists, commuters, office workers eating lunch—and homeless people, some sleeping upright on benches, some parked


HAMMOND: Cuomo stalls on Medicaid

BY BILL HAMMOND Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s response to the Empire State’s big Medicaid deficit, as laid out in his budget presentation on Tuesday, was a disappointing mix of delay, deflection and delegation. In an especially concerning development, Cuomo’s budget director, Robert


McMAHON: One State, Two Stories

BY E.J. McMAHON From a statewide perspective, New York’s economic performance since the end of the Great Recession hasn’t been especially outstanding, roughly equaling the U.S. averages for growth in private employment and GDP, while slightly trailing the national rate