Flanagan worries about ‘so-called’ criminal justice reforms

BY SENATOR JOHN FLANAGAN In two days, the Democrats give a get out of jail free card to 90 percent of criminals across this state and already we are seeing the devastating real-life impact this holiday season as some of

NY Senate

Skoufis, DiNapoli tout enactment of anti-corruption audit law

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) and New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced that the Governor signed Skoufis’ bill S.5445 into law, authorizing the State Comptroller’s office to audit Local Development Corporations (LDCs) across the state. LDCs operate in


Cuomo vetoes bill to regulate pharmacy benefit managers

Bill would have added accountability, increased fiscal disclosure, and addressed deceptive and anti-competitive practices Governor Andrew Cuomo this evening vetoed legislation to increase oversight, transparency, and accountability of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). PBMs are companies that manage prescription drug benefits for

Niagara Falls

Should the Seneca Nation buy Milstein’s 140-acres in Niagara Falls?

NIAGARA FALLS, NY — Some political prognosticators are speculating that Manhattan billionaire Howard Milstein could be interested in exiting his investment in a 140-acre aggregation of parcels that he owns in downtown Niagara Falls, through his investment vehicle, Niagara Falls

NY Assembly

Lentol announces the signing of the Safe Way Home Act

A5775/S3966 Provides No-Cost Transportation for Victims of Sexual Assault Assembly Member Joseph R. Lentol (D-North Brooklyn) announced today that a bill he introduced and passed as lead sponsor that will assist victims of sexual assault was signed into law by

Norb's Corner

The holiday season brings Christmas time memories

BY NORBERT RUG For several weeks prior to Christmas I remember getting the “wish books” in the mail from Sears, JC Penney’s, Montgomery Ward’s and other retailers. As a child I would pour over these selecting the toys I wanted


Cuomo is AWOL on the State’s $6 billion budget deficit

BY E.J. McMAHON The Cuomo administration has admitted there is a “structural imbalance” in its massive Medicaid budget, which means the Empire State’s biggest single government program is spending beyond its means. So, what does Gov. Andrew Cuomo plan to


DOBBINS: Is NATO brain dead?

BY JAMES DOBBINS French President Emmanuel Macron recently declared that “we are experiencing the brain death of NATO.” He made this remark in support of longstanding French policy favoring a more united Europe less dependent for its security on American leadership


Can anything stop the flow of Russian weapons into Libya?

BY NATHAN VEST Amid intense clashes around southern Tripoli, Libya’s capital has become a proving ground for foreign military equipment. In flagrant violation of the U.N. arms embargo on Libya and with dire consequences for the country and region’s security,

Foreign Policy

Iraq at the crossroads

BY LINDA ROBINSON The protests gripping Iraq pose an extraordinary challenge to Baghdad’s political leadership, which must move the country ahead or step aside. The mostly youthful protesters are tired of politics as it has been practiced over the past

Foreign Policy

KAGAN: Afghanistan is not Vietnam

BY FREDERICK W. KAGAN Afghanistan isn’t Vietnam. It isn’t even Iraq. George W. Bush did not lie America into this war. He, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and their generals and diplomats didn’t conceal the challenges and failures the US was

Public Health

Spending bill locks in Obamacare mistake

BY JOSEPH ANTOS The $1.4 trillion spending bill that will keep the federal government running for the next few months  includes a curious provision that doubles down on a fundamental flaw of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Section 609 of the


AEI report details the benefits of consumer choice in K-12 education

The American Enterprise Institute released a report last week that details the benefits of consumer choice in education. The report’s key findings are as follows: Despite overall declines in college enrollment, various accredited and unaccredited providers of postsecondary education delivery are