Health and Wellness

Exercise your mind

BY NORBERT RUG I do Sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles and write 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. I feel that keeping my brain healthy is as important as keeping my body healthy. I recently found some support for


The Club 747

BY NORBERT RUG In the 60’s and 70’s, the drinking age was 18 in New York, which meant I was sneaking into bars when I was 16, and I was not the exception. Live music was everywhere. I learned a

Norb's Corner

Food for thought

BY NORBERT RUG During the fall, food banks all across America remind people that hunger never goes away. Around the holidays they will see an increase in donations because people feel more charitable then but it is a twelve month

Foreign Policy

Latin America’s narco-regimes strike back

BY ROGER NORIEGA After Venezuela’s narcoregime survived a U.S.-backed campaign to depose Nicolas Maduro, the well-financed criminals are counterpunching. The sight of burning subway cars in Chile, violent marches in Quito, renewed armed struggle in Colombia, and repression aimed at stealing

State Budget

State Authorities’ payroll data added to SeeThroughNY

The latest payroll data for a total of 13,615 employees at 54 different New York State public authorities was posted today at, the Empire Center’s transparency website. Among public authorities closest to the governor’s office, the New York State Energy Research and Development