Costumes, roleplay whet a young Trudeau’s sexual appetite

In his early to late-20s, Justin Trudeau had a robust and wide-ranging sexual appetite — most especially for costumes and role play, a former classmate tells The Chronicle.  The two young men were close during their studies at McGill University and would refer to Trudeau’s well-known penchant for costumes as “the kink of circumstance.”

He still thinks that line is rather witty, “in an erudite kind of way.”

Trudeau attended Canada’s most prestigious all-boys Jesuit high school, the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf.  By the time he arrived on campus at McGill, Trudeau was already steeped in layers of fraternity — with all the confidence and presence that comes from immense privilege from a young age.

“In the American parlance, you’d call him a ‘frat boy’s frat boy,’ always the center of attention — the debate team, the drama club,” he explains.  “He knew he wanted to be Prime Minister before he ever stepped foot on campus — because his mother has been putting that in his head since birth.”


Trudeau’s former classmate asked not to be named. The two were close for many years but gradually grew apart after Trudeau married Sophie Gregoire and entered politics.

“We stayed up many nights smoking marijuana, usually plotting how we were going to take over the world,” he laughs.  “We had a certain world view at the time: that life is all a popularity contest and there it was for the taking. We both knew that no one on campus could charm someone’s pants off more easily than him — so we just planned it out from there.”

The source, who now works as an attorney in Toronto, thinks that Trudeau’s public persona is a carefully crafted brand that is nothing like the buddy he knew in the early 1990s.

“In real life, Justin is one of the coolest dudes you could ever party with, always the first to whip his dick out, so to speak,” he explains.  “Now people see him on TV and think he’s a total tight ass.  It’s like they cut his balls off and think people are going to want to vote for that.”

“Personally, I would have liked to see him man-up and run like Doug Ford, maybe even take the party a little more to the center,” he adds.  “You’d be surprised how conservative Justin’s views are, but he’s always felt that he was born into the Liberal Party and couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.”

A friend at McGill describes Trudeau’s collegiate political views as “far more conservative” than his current national branding efforts would suggest.

Trudeau, he says, was aroused by his own confidence.  When in costume, Trudeau would be at peak sexual prowess.

“He really likes situational role play, and I think the costumes bring out a certain sexual energy in him. He joked all the time about how he’d have to tuck his erection into his belt every Holloween,” he claims.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him put on a turban or a headdress without getting laid.”

He recalls their senior year when he and Trudeau engaged in a semester-long contest to ejaculate on as many of the campus’s chalkboards as they could get away with. Trudeau won that contest with eight chalkboards to his six, he remembers.

“The numbers could have gone higher, but I got caught in an incident, by a very understanding campus secretary, about a month into the semester,” he remembers.  “I didn’t get into any trouble, and she couldn’t have been sweeter about it, but I decided to forfeit the competition.”

McGill University, located in the heart of Montreal, is widely considered “the Harvard of Canada,” established in 1813 by a royal charter granted by King George IV.
Trudeau during a widely ridiculed State visit to India.
Trudeau on Holloween last year.

Canada's PM Trudeau walks with his son Hadrien while participating in Halloween in Ottawa


    • Total Amount Given To UN and Foreign Countries As Reported By Canadian Media.
      = $17,643,692,551 (+ $32,275,850,000) = $49,919,542,551.

      PLUS $10 Billion (2016-2018) UN Payment

      Everything Trudeau and the Liberals are doing is with borrowed money.

      If you have any information or news stories that contain monies dispersed please email me and I will add it.

      Canadians are heavily taxed. If it was up to me I would END ALL FOREIGN AID.

      Instead of doing all the calculations again new entries will be (+ $xxxxxxxx) and will be only added to the final total at top.

      If you see any errors please inform me and I will correct it.

      All entries are backed by a corresponding news story. See main menu and choose month.

      PLUS $10 Billion (2016-2018) UN Payment

      November 1 2015 (investment)
      Canada’s pension fund ready to invest $2B in affordable housing in India, official says


      November 15 2015
      14.25 million
      Prime Minister announces infrastructure funding for Indonesia


      November 26 2015
      $100 million to aid the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in efforts to help Syrian refugees meet their “basic daily needs.”


      November 27 2015 –
      2.65 billion
      Canada pledges $2.65 Billion to help developing countries tackle climate change


      November 28 2015
      Trudeau pledges $15M for youth job training in eight African countries


      December 22 2015
      $55,000,000 Aga Khan Foundation
      Health Action Plan For Afghanistan

      2015 – Liberals refuse to say how much foreign aid we’re giving to China
      Month Unknown


      February 22 2016
      Canada will invest $1.1 billion over three years in humanitarian assistance and resilience and development programming for the must vulnerable people affected by this crisis in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria
      -$840 million will be spent on humanitarian aid programs designed to provide life-saving assistance, such as food, emergency health services, water, housing, basic education, and protection.


      March 7 2016
      The federal government will contribute $76 million to the United Nations Population Fund to increase access to maternal, newborn and reproductive health services in developing countries and add $5 million for contraceptive supplies.


      March 24, 2016, Bibeau told the Canadian Press that more aid spending would help Canada win UN Security Council seat when she said: “Canada needs to show the world it is a more generous aid donor if it wants to win a seat on the United Nations Security.

      March 30 2016 Aga Khan Health Services


      March 30 2016 Aga Khan Afghanistan Woman`s Empowerment Program


      April 15 2016
      75 million
      43 million
      Canada announces funding for Syria’s neighbours hosting refugees


      May 9 2016
      Justin Trudeau pledges $785M over 3 years to Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria


      May 23 2016
      United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – Central Emergency Response Fund ($147 million, 2016-2021)


      Rural Social Protection: Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program – United Nations World Food Program and the World Bank ($125 million, 2016-2021)


      Child Protection Working Group – UNICEF ($1 million, 2015-2017)


      UN Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict ($1 million, 2015-2017)


      $678 million over six years, starting in 2015–16, to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis and aid in the resettlement of 25,000 Syrian refugees


      $100 million in 2015–16 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to help support critical relief activities in the region.


      $256 million over two years to Canada’s International Assistance Envelope (IAE)


      $586.5 million over three years, starting in 2016–17, for the renewal of key peace and security programs


      Earthquake in Ecuador (April 2016), Canada provided a $2 million funding commitment to the needy.


      May 24 2016
      Canada offers additional $331.5M in global humanitarian aid at summit in Istanbul


      July 9 2016
      Liberals promise more than 150 million per year in aid to Afghanistan to battle escalating insurgency
      2017 -$150M


      July 20 2016
      158 million
      200 million
      Canada pledged $158 million over three years to support humanitarian and stabilization efforts for the people of Iraq


      Canada adds $200 million in financing to the Government of Iraq


      July 28 2016
      17 million
      Canada to contribute $17 million for enhancing regional security in Southeast Asia
      • Counter-terrorism capacity-building program – $12 million over the next three years.
      • Capacity-building assistance – Up to $3 million over two years.
      • Strengthening biological security – $1.75 million from Canada’s Global Partnership Program over two years.
      • Nuclear safety and security – $500,000 from the Global Partnership Program over two years.
      • Second Greater Mekong Subregion Corridor Towns Development Project – US$385,000 over four years.
      • Strengthening community resilience in Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation – US$225,000 over four years, to be implemented by partner Oxfam International.


      July 29 2016
      Dion announces more foreign aid – $20 million to Sri Lanka to enhance “diversity”, jobs


      August 26 2016
      Peace and Stabilization Operations Program (PSOPs)
      The government is devoting $450 million to PSOPs for better protecting “civilians, including the most vulnerable groups, such as displaced persons, refugees, women and children.”


      August 31 2016
      22.6 million
      Canada commits $22.6 million to support African scientists on climate change solutions


      September 17 2016
      Prime Minister Trudeau
      Canada will pledge $804 million to the Global Fund, for 2017 to 2019


      September 19 2016 –
      64.5 million + 467 million
      Prime Minister announces significant support following UN meeting on refugees and migrants


      October 3 2016
      Canada donates $8.1 for Ukrainian police reform

      November 10 2016 –
      19.1 million
      Minister Dion announces contributions to strengthen Canada’s partnership with Kenya with 19.1 million in funding.


      November 17 2016
      Trudeau Liberals give $25M to UN agency with links to banned terrorist group Hamas, UNRWA


      November 18 2016
      Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development
      $54 million in funding to support various humanitarian and development projects in Haiti in the wake of the the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew


      November 23 2016
      Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development
      $7.5 million in funding for three projects that will be implemented in Madagascar


      November 24 2016
      Trudeau announces $12.5 million in funding for Liberia
      • $10 million over five years, beginning in 2016-2017, to support UN Women’s activities in West Africa, including Liberia.
      • $1.5 million in 2016-2017 to the Global Acceleration Instrument on Women, Peace, Security and Humanitarian Action.
      • $1 million to support the United Nations Development Programme in the 2017 Liberia elections and strengthen the capacity of electoral bodies.


      November 24 2016
      Canada announces $7.5 million in funding for Madagascar
      • $6.2-million project aimed at enhancing education and training for youth in Madagascar. The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) is the proposed partner for this project, working with l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie [francophone university association].
      • $1.265 million in humanitarian aid to the World Food Programme for people affected by the devastating effects of El Niño.
      • $113,000, through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) for local initiatives dedicated to the empowerment of women, sound governance and sustainable economic growth.
      • Eight fully equipped and modern ambulances to the Malagasy government.


      November 27 2016
      $112.8 million for international aid projects that will benefit several African countries and Haiti
      • “contribute to projects that aim to fight climate change, empower women, and protect their rights”
      • “will be used to stimulate economic growth, which will create job opportunities for young people and women, and to counter terrorism and prevent radicalization.


      December 7 2016
      Canada announces $4.4 million for Lebanon to buy winter clothing, mountain gear


      December 11 2016
      Canada announces $13.6 million to fight corruption in 12 countries
      Implemented by Transparency International, the Integrity, Mobilization, Participation, Accountability, Anti-corruption and Transparency (IMPACT) project activities will include:
      • working with public institutions to develop and enforce better anti-corruption policies and practices;
      • educating citizens about their rights and how they can address corruption or pursue legal recourse;
      • empowering civil society organizations with the tools they need to identify corruption issues and advocate for transparent, inclusive and accountable governance; and
      • working with businesses to improve their standards and adopt ethical practices for a clean, productive economy.


      December 16 2016
      Canada announces funding to UNESCO
      $100,000 to UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity to promote cultural projects in developing countries


      2016 – Liberals refuse to say how much foreign aid we’re giving to China
      Month Unknown

      Report to Parliament on the Government of Canada’s Official Development Assistance 2015-2016

      Its easy to be generous with other people’s money. So many entries I don’t even have time to catalog it.
      We can’t afford another 4 years of this!!!

  1. Okay, so you know the expression is to “whet,” not “wet,” one’s appetite, right? McGill: the Harvard of Canada? *tears of laughter* It’s a perfectly okay university but in the socialist state of Canada, there IS no equivalent of a Harvard… because turning down applicants is elitist and therefore terribly unCanadian. I mean, not everyone gets in, but you don’t have to be in any way exceptional to be accepted. The article is great, though. No one in the Canadian Mainstream Media dares to write this kind of thing about a PM who’s recently given the press a $600m gift… payable over 5 years (in other words: re-elect me or guess who loses this graft!?) Oh, I also happen to have it on VERY good authority that well into his late 30s (and maybe into his 40s), Justin enjoyed the companionship of college girls, thinking nothing of driving to a university like Queens where he could impress young women with his feminist political chats and get some private time with them, afterwards. Thank you for doing the job that our press was bribed to refrain from doing. He’s a gross guy, and more people should know about it.

  2. The moral of the story is that you can take the nicest ape in all aspects out of the savanna put it in a suit and train it to do whatever you want. But at the end of the day and after all that expense it’s still an ape in a suit and it will eventually pull down its expensive pants and throw poop at you.

    Thanks Keith Richards for your input into Canadian politics.

  3. Entitled little brat, won the leadership on his fathers name, and won the prime ministers office on the backs over women and gays with overactive libidos. Ironically enough, he never had the popular vote – conservatives, hence the reason he never changed the voting rules.

    • Questioned about whether he was going to follow up on his campaign promise to change voting in Canada and his reply – No, I won, didn’t I, so why change it?

  4. My country was put in the hands of a spoiled entitled little brat who has never accomplished anything. The liberal Party ran him knowing that the name Trudeau would easily get him elected. Well, the list of money he has given away shows how we allowed him to spend Canada to a point of no return ! This list should be posted in every possible location publicly across the nation and sent to every citizen of Quebec and Ontario so they can see what they voted for !

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