County Executive

Jacobs angles for County Executive run, but some Republicans want Dixon

State Senator Christopher Jacobs has been desperate to vacate his State Senate since the days following his reelection in November.  Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins plans to target the 60th and 61st districts next year with millions of dollars in campaign

Norb's Corner

In age of robots, get a Roomba

BY NORBERT RUG We have a couple of residents at our house. We don’t have to feed them. They never need a doctor’s appointment. We don’t have to take them anywhere. And here’s the best part, they never make a

Norb's Corner

Winter driving, let it snow

BY NORBERT RUG Winter can also be a very hazardous time of the year especially in Western New York, sunny one minute, and a blizzard 3 miles down the road. It pays to prepare yourself for the unexpected by having

Norb's Corner

I write much more than I need to…

BY NORBERT RUG I tend to write much more than I need to, but when I can’t write, it’s a very distressing feeling. A good day is when I get articles published in multiple places. My mind tends to become

Today's Take

Impeach the what?

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news: Saying “Impeach the motherfucker” and being defended by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is enough to get Rashida Tlaib to Fox news for another day. Of course, while Fox calls Rep. Ocasio-Cortez “the left’s