How will you live your life?

BY NORBERT RUG How will you choose to live your life? This isn’t a trick question. I am asking if you have chosen to live your life fully or just exist day to day. Not being able to control your

Health and Wellness

At my age, a fall can be a life changer

BY NORBERT RUG Falls are frightening when they happen to anyone but especially for senior citizens. Over 25% of all Americans over age 65 fall every year, and every fall has approximately a 20% chance of causing a serious injury.


Taking care of kids keeps you on your toes

BY NORBERT RUG Donna and I watch our grandchildren and a few other children. As we counted them up, we have watched over 20 children not counting our own children. I think that babysitting your grandkids improves and extends your

Norb's Corner

We are losing our privacy bit by byte

BY NORBERT RUG I recently noticed that when I looked on the internet for something, ads for this product would appear on the sidebar of my browser. A simple search for my name on the internet resulted in over 5,000


Lovin’ Spoonful: Somewhere

BY NORBERT RUG The three amigos, my wife Donna, my buddy Ed, and I ventured out looking for somewhere to go for dinner. We ended up at “Somewhere” a quaint looking place at 681 Blairville Road in Youngstown. When we


Thoughts on Facial Recognition

BY NORBERT RUG I am for the implementation of the Facial and Object Recognition System (FORS) in the Lockport schools. There I said it. I know this might be an unpopular stance but it is the way I feel. I