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Read to your children

BY NORBERT RUG There are many reasons to read to your child. Reading to your child, shows them that they are important to you and can open their eyes to the wonders of the world without them having to leave


Hugs, they’re not for everyone

BY NORBERT RUG There’s currently a Puritanical idea that has pervaded our culture in which touch and sex are inherently linked and it is doing us a great disservice. I think that people are afraid to touch each other no

Urban Design

In praise of the front porch

BY NORBERT RUG It’s almost summer and it’s nice to sit on my porch again. The house that my wife and I purchased over 40 years ago has a full-width porch on the front that is about 10 feet deep.


A few good people

BY NORBERT RUG I am a septuagenarian (look it up), as such I am not quite as active as I once was. No more roofing, no more biking and no more volleyball. I now have to pay people to do

Government Waste

Average Port Authority pay reaches six-figures

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) employees were paid an average of $100,302 last year, according to data released todayon, the Empire Center’s transparency website. Payroll at Port Authority totaled over $845 million last year, an increase

State Budget

Overtime surge fuels $400M payroll hike at MTA

Overtime payments jumped nearly 16 percent last year at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), fueling agency-wide average pay hikes of 6 percent, according to newly posted payroll records at The increase in MTA payroll costs for 2018 alone was $418 million—$82

Presidential Election 2016

Aide testifies that Clinton used personal email for State business

Insists that monitoring Clinton’s illicit use of private email ‘wasn’t really part of my job,’ but adds, ‘I wish she had used a State Department account’ Judicial Watch today released the transcript of a court-ordered deposition of Jacob “Jake” Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s

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Family weekends are the best kind

BY NORBERT RUG The other week, on a Friday night, my 7-year-old grandsons had a “sleepover” while their parents went out to dinner and had a date night. My son and daughter in law do this about once a month.

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Mother’s Day gifts

BY NORBERT RUG Sunday, May 12, 2019 is Mother’s Day. This holiday is celebrated every year to honor mothers and motherhood. In the United States, the observance of Mother’s Day started early in the 20th century. Mother’s Day is one