Republican base wants to send Ed Cox to the guillotine

Billionaire John Catsimatidis with Tricia Nixon-Cox, Ed Cox, and Chris Cox, who married Catsimatidis' daughter, Andrea.

To say that New York State’s Republican voter base is irate with longtime State Chairman Ed Cox would be an egregious understatement.  Indeed, the base is fiercely livid and wrathful.  A leadership change at the head of the party is barely a first step to making the Party relevant in New York State, they argue.

Following the loss of Marc Molinaro — widely seen as a stellar candidate running in a favorable year for an opposition candidate — activists across the party are already contemplating Cox’s successor.  Molinaro was so badly underfunded that he was unable to place a single television advertisement of his campaign but still earned nearly 38% of the vote — overperformance, considering the campaign raised less than a million dollars.

Ed Cox married President Richard Nixon’s daughter, Tricia Nixon.

Erie County Republican Chairman Nick LangworthyDutchess County Republican Chairman Vince Casale; attorney Todd Aldinger; and former State Senator Greg Ball; have all been floated among party operatives as possible successors to Cox, though each comes with unique strengths.

But ousting Cox — who is deeply entrenched in social circles comprised of the governing elite in politics, finance, and real estate — might become a costly and visceral campaign, wrought with discourses on wealth, privilege, and democracy.

Many political operatives suspect that Cox will resign the Chairmanship in order to avoid the reputational risks that such party infighting would almost surely entail.  Photos of a lavish Manhattan wedding between Chris Cox and Andrea Catsimatidis (held in the depths of the ‘Great Recession’)  are already being circulated among upstate activists.




  1. Larry Sharpe had been saying this same thing since last summer. Too bad the rest of you Republicans didn’t listen, and instead choose to support a weak sacrificial lamb. I’ll be switching to the NYLP ASAP.

    • Republicans need to retire Cox and put a serious and untouchable Chairman in his place. A man of the people. A real Republican fighter in the Trump sense of the word.

      Larry Sharpe is NOT a republican and he got 1% of the vote, he is a nobody. Disliked by people across the spectrum. Go away with the Larry Sharpe nonsense already. Sick of hearing his lies and from is idiotic followers. The election is over. Smell the results, because Larry sucks he lost to Howie Hawkins…hello!

      • Republicans like our friend Carl here are the reason that the Republican Party is in shambles. Continuing your assault again libertarians after the election is over is STUPID and does nothing but drive those voters further away. Their candidate may have sucked….but so did yours, neither of them are governor today.

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