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Journeyed to 9th Ward

BY JOE GENCO Journeyed to 9th Ward at Babeville for Davey O’s Food Bank of WNY fundraiser. Paul Lamont reminds me of John Prine. I never put my finger on it until last night. Tina Marie Williams has a wicked emotional register. I

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Protect yourself from credit card crooks

BY NORBERT RUG Be sure to protect yourself from credit card crooks. Our lives are a series of credit card swipes for purchases. We swipe for gas, we swipe for groceries, and we swipe for our morning Triple, Venti, Half

US Senate

Jackie Johnson prodded to seek Alaska Senate seat

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Johnson-Pata is being lobbied by top Democrats to seek the United States Senate seat from Alaska in 2020.  That seat is currently held by freshman Republican Dan Sullivan, and is seen as one of the Democrats’ only potential pick

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Genco’s short take on today’s news

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news… –Hey! It’s Small Business Saturday. Take a walk around Clarence Center and spend some money on Main Street –Took a drive to Lockport with Beth and walked the trails in the Nature Center

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Unsubscribe me, again

BY NORBERT RUG They start early in the morning. A sound wakes me up from a sound sleep and I’m still in a fog. I don’t remember setting my alarm clock for this early in the morning and I slap

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From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

BY NORBERT RUG I value the traditions we have around the end of the year but some traditions are set in stone and some are a bit more fluid. We have burgers and fireworks for the Fourth of July, a


Will Amazon HQ2 become another magnet for corruption?

BY MICAH MORRISON The Amazon HQ2 sweepstakes is over and the winner is Queens, New York. And some place in Virginia called National Landing. And Nashville, Tennessee. New York and Virginia will split Amazon’s second headquarters, while Nashville gets a consolation

2020 Presidential Election

Court orders Clinton to answer new email questions under oath

Judicial Watch announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that within 30 days Hillary Clinton must answer under oath two additional questions about her controversial email system. In 2016, Clinton was required to submit under oath written answers

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Small changes make a big impact on winter heating costs

BY NORBERT RUG Buffalo winters could destroy your budget, because as the temperature goes down, it becomes more costly to heat your home. The good news is that you can reduce the monetary effect of cold weather by making a


Local Republican Senators betray WNY on leadership vote

A former Speaker of the California State Assembly once said of the relationship between lobbyists and politicians, “If you can’t eat their food, drink their booze, screw their women, take their money and then vote against them you’ve got no

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Rug: “Veteran hiring is good for everyone”

BY NORBERT RUG Hire a veteran, it’s good for everyone. That person behind the counter or clerk you meet in the aisle of a store that you encounter today just might be a veteran. Veterans and reservists help staff and

Presidential Election 2016

Clinton advisor privately blames running mate Tim Kaine for loss

Senator Tim Kaine may have helped Hillary Clinton secure thirteen electoral votes, but privately she blames her running mate for her 2016 loss to President Donald J. Trump, a former staffer for the campaign tells The Chronicle. Clinton believes that Kaine

NY Senate

Why does Gallivan keep declining leadership opportunities?

In recent days, Republicans from Upstate and Western New York have been urging Senator Patrick Gallivan to seek the position of Senate Minority Leader.  He has declined, instead preferring Senator Cathy Young, a more senior member of the chamber from


Would the Pegulas be willing to manage UB teams in stadium deal?

It looks increasingly likely that Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s administration is preparing to back a $1 billion investment in a new NFL stadium in downtown Buffalo.  Just last month, Terry Pegula hired Chris Schoepflin, the former Empire State Development official, to


All nine school board seats are up for election in May

All nine members of the Buffalo Board of Education are up for re-election next May.  Those races have historically low turnout, in which district elections are often won with 500 or so votes.  The ‘reform coalition,’ which suffered the loss