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Journeyed to 9th Ward

BY JOE GENCO Journeyed to 9th Ward at Babeville for Davey O’s Food Bank of WNY fundraiser. Paul Lamont reminds me of John Prine. I never put my finger on it until last night. Tina Marie Williams has a wicked emotional register. I

Today's Take

Genco’s short take on today’s news

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news… –Hey! It’s Small Business Saturday. Take a walk around Clarence Center and spend some money on Main Street –Took a drive to Lockport with Beth and walked the trails in the Nature Center

Norb's Corner

Unsubscribe me, again

BY NORBERT RUG They start early in the morning. A sound wakes me up from a sound sleep and I’m still in a fog. I don’t remember setting my alarm clock for this early in the morning and I slap