Molinaro slams Cuomo on sexual harrassment record

Marc Molinaro, the Republican candidate for Governor, slammed Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s record responding to sexual harassment allegations inside his administration. “You stood by Shelly Silver, Jeff Klein, Sam Hoyt, and Vito Lopez,” Molinaro asserted during the televised gubernatorial debate on


Larry Sharpe’s secret scheme to reelect Cuomo and defeat Trump

Larry Sharpe, a little-known candidate on the libertarian fringe who has been energetically campaigning against Governor Andrew Cuomo and polling between 3% and 4% of likely voters, has a peculiar history of waging hapless campaigns that split the Republican voter


Can Paul Ryan run for Speaker from outside the House?

The United States Constitution does not require that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a member of that body.  It’s never happened before, but the members of the House are free to elect a Speaker from outside of


Has Andrew Cuomo ever boned a guy? Young voters want to know.

In the course of every election cycle emerges a question — often from younger voters — that flusters a candidate, sometimes projecting an awkwardness that alienates him from a potentially critical swath of voters.  The political junkie quickly recalls George


Miner promises a “Better Deal” for upstate development

Miner pledges an ‘infrastructure-driven’ economic development agenda Independent gubernatorial candidate Stephanie Miner is pledging to deliver a “Better Deal” for Western and Central New York as it relates to economic development than Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Cuomo Administration’s economic development


Miner demands that Cuomo ‘comes clean’ on Tesla dealings

“Elon Musk’s behavior is causing taxpayers grave concern,” Independent Democrat says Independent gubernatorial candidate Stephanie Miner is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to ‘come clean’ on his signature economic development project with Solar City, now part of Tesla. Secret lease