Jacobs’ family contributions suggest quid pro-quo on Delaware North casinos

The timing of a series of campaign contributions from senior members of Buffalo’s most wealthy family to its political scion, freshman Senator Chris Jacobs, is suggestive of a quid pro quo arrangement on Senate Bill 4068, a measure that authorizes

NY Senate

Senator Jacobs has been concealing a scandal from GOP leaders

Sources say that State Senator Chris Jacobs failed to mention a percolating public corruption scandal to the group of Republican County Chairman who are deliberating over a replacement nominee for the 27th congressional district seat currently held by Rep. Chris

NY Senate

Maziarz comeback would make Langworthy next State Chairman

Republican leadership inside the 27th congressional district is considering a scenario in which State Senator Rob Ortt is elevated to replace Rep. Chris Collins on the ballot while nominating retired State Senator George Maziarz for the 62nd district seat. It is

NY Senate

Maziarz would return to State Senate, if Ortt is elevated to Congress

Former State Senator George Maziarz, once one of Western New York’s most powerful politicians, could make a stunning political comeback — following vindication from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman‘s prosecution against him, widely seen as partisan prosecutorial misconduct. It looks increasingly

Republican Party

GOP chairs weigh strategy in selecting Collins’ replacement

Local Republican Party operatives are cautioning the eight County Chairmen who will select a candidate to replace Rep. Chris Collins’ name on the ballot in the 27th district. They insist that the candidate must have the resume, savvy, energy, and

Campaign Finance

Collins expected to testify against son

Legal experts who are familiar with the indictment against Rep. Chris Collins interpret his public insistence that he “intends to clear his name” as an indication that he is planning to testify against his son, Cameron Collins, age 25. The

2018 Midterms

Collins urged to step aside for Rob Ortt in 27th district

Republican activists are asking Congressman Chris Collins to step down his reelection effort following an indictment by the Southern District of New York for insider trading and providing false information to a federal agent. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is