Republican insiders worried a Jacobs loss is likely

Republican party operatives are worried that the 60th State Senate District — currently held by Chris Jacobs — is in jeopardy this election cycle, as rumors of a looming public corruption scandal and a steamy affair inside the former Clerk’s office spread.  Few operatives are willing to discuss the allegations, which they say are “flatly damning.”

Grand Island Town Councilman Mike Madigan is likely to challenge Jacobs in the Republican Primary.  Madigan is well liked and well known in local Republican circles, and is a former Republican nominee for Congress.

Jacobs would prefer running against Grand Island Supervisor Nate McMurray (a lawyer who works for the Jacobs family’s multi-national firm). An effort was even made by political insiders and Cuomo-loyalist Sam Hoyt to convince McMurray to seek the Senate seat in an ode to Jacobs. As of the moment, McMurray intends to run for Congress.

Town of Tonawanda prosecutor Kevin Stocker, now a Democrat, may or may not make another attempt at the seat.  He is being encouraged to primary Assemblyman Robin Schimminger for his Tonawanda-based district instead.

Former Senator Alfred T. Coppola, who has been convinced to step out of retirement to seek the seat in the past, is also unlikely to wage a primary effort.

Observers speculate that Grand Island Tea Party leader Rus Thompson, long thought to be interested in the seat, may run in the Democratic Primary if the field is sufficiently crowded. If it’s a three way primary, observers posit that Thompson would win the nomination given his high level of local name recognition.

With the Democratic side of the aisle wide open, and Jacobs unlikely to get through a Republican primary, the 60th District seat — the most swingable of the State Senate — looks like it will enjoy another robust election cycle.

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