Kaloyeros’ cooperation may throw Ciminelli defendants under the bus

Alain Kaloyeros, the former head of SUNY Polytechnic and a principle target of public corruption charges that have engulfed the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo, is widely thought to be cooperating with the United States Attorney’s office. Earlier this week


Cuomo considering options in a ‘worst-case scenario’

If his poll numbers continue to plummet, incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo may choose not to seek reelection later this year — avoiding the type of political loss that undermined his father’s presidential ambitions.  Political operatives loyal to the Governor are

NY Senate

Republican insiders worried a Jacobs loss is likely

Republican party operatives are worried that the 60th State Senate District — currently held by Chris Jacobs — is in jeopardy this election cycle, as rumors of a looming public corruption scandal and a steamy affair inside the former Clerk’s

Republican Party

Former Maziarz machine approaches an uneasy detente

For decades Senator George Maziarz was the godfather of Niagara County politics.  He was once a leading power broker in Albany, but his resignation following rumors of a looming FBI investigation caused his political empire to unfold. That those eventual