Paladino grasps at straws as removal hearing nears

Disgraced school board member Carl Paladino, who is likely to be removed from the board at a State Education Department hearing scheduled for June 22nd in Albany, won a small victory this week.  Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia approved a request by Paladino’s lawyer to submit evidence that, he argues, supports his seemingly paranoid accusations that his political opponents “conspired” to violate his right to free speech.

That conspiracy theory has been met with widespread ridicule.  Many education activists are aghast that Paladino would attempt to pretend victimhood following the aggressively racist remarks that he made in Artvoice last December.  In those remarks he accused the former First Lady of being transsexual and said that he hoped she would move to Zimbabwe and live with a gorilla.

He also wished for the deaths of former President Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.

The following week, Paladino penned an extended article in Artvoice that disclosed confidential information discussed in the Board’s Executive Sessions.  Paladino now faces removal for improperly disclosing that information and his outrageous behavior while serving as a public official.

Following the withdrawal of longtime advertisers, Artvoice has gone out of business in recent months.  That brand is currently for sale, co-owed by publishers Jamie Moses and Frank Parlato.

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