Pushing for Paladino’s ouster, activists renew calls for boycotts

Activists are renewing calls for mass boycotts against school board member and real estate developer Carl Paladino, following racist comments he made about Barack and Michelle Obama in Artvoice last December.  Paladino has refused continued calls that he resign his office, even in the face protesters who continue to disrupt school board proceedings.

Paladino compounded the criticism by organizing a Niagara Square rally in support of President Donald Trump, where several oversized confederate flags appeared. Horace Scott Lacy, a prominent Niagara Falls white supremacist attended to recruit members. Sheriff Tim Howard has been widely criticized for attendance in full uniform, violating his own Department’s rules.

Protesters are now beginning to organize word of mouth boycotts that are designed to redirect consumer revenue away from Ellicott Development tenants.

“Until it’s politically uncouth for someone to hold an event in one of his hotels, to rent a car from one of his franchises, or lease a space in one of his buildings, then Carl is going to think that he can say and do whatever he wants without consequence,” says one activist.

The Tim Hortons, located inside of an Ellicott Development property on Niagara Street is being identified by West Side activists as a venue to avoid.  Many Westsiders are making it a point to frequent the locally owned Sweetness 7 or Cafe Aroma instead.


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