Terrence Robinson to be Green Party nominee for Mayor 

Mayoral candidate Terrence Robinson is expected to receive the nomination of the Green Party in this year’s Mayoral contest.  The Green Party rules prevent endorsed candidates from appearing on another party’s line. Robinson is a registered Democrat and had been considering that primary contest.

The news comes as Comptroller Mark Schroeder’s campaign has increased its visibility remarkably, and as County Legislator Betty Jean Grant continues to mobilize the city’s social justice movement.

Grant is expected to enter the Democratic Primary later this year.

Robinson serves on the City Preservation Board and on the Board of Directors of Preservation Buffalo Niagara. He studied at Princeton University, served in the United States Marine Corps, and as a Buffalo police officer.

Robinson listed his priorities in a press announcement on Friday.

  • Open transparent government – free of corruption and cronyism;
  • Environmental awareness and sound stewardship;
  • Fair access to opportunities for education, employment. and investment for every resident and neighborhood in the City of Buffalo;
  • Safe healthy neighborhoods; and a Holistic Vision for current policy and future development.

The candidate promises to provide a detailed platform document. Robinson believes that the post-Trump political climate offers voters an opportunity to elect a third party Mayor based on the municipal issues and local concerns.

“People are tired of the same old political dynamic where they feel that their choice is between the lesser of the evils that they are confronted with – its time to return to that energy and vision of 50 years ago that demanded a clean environment and a just society – of that 100 year old vision that demanded full suffrage, clean cities, fair wages and working conditions, protection against giant monopolies and powerful interests with insider access, quality education and that defined constitutional protections under the Bill of Rights,” he said in a widely circulated statement.

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