Brown, Garner expected to smear Betty Jean Grant

Political operatives close to Maurice Garner, the former President of Grassroots Inc. who is widely thought to control Mayor Byron Brown, say that he “is deeply worried” about County Legislator Betty Jean Grant’s campaign for Mayor.  Operatives say that Garner is already designing a smear

Animal Rights

Owners of slain dog pursue charges against neighbor

Raffaele Forte, the owner of Keeno, a three-year-old Dalmatian mix that was killed by a neighbor on Hutchings Road in the Town of Ogden last Saturday, has hired an attorney and is looking to pursue both criminal and civil charges

Letter to Editor

Grant: “A few days in jail won’t kill me”

BY BETTY JEAN GRANT, County Legislator I have been told by two attorneys that the vote taken yesterday on the new train station may be illegal. Number one, they barred the taxpaying public from a meeting discussing public business even thought


AG files felony election charges against Pigeon; Kennedy not charged

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman‘s Office filed felony election charges against the renowned political operative G. Steven Pigeon — a confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and billionaire B. Thomas Golisano — along with his two longtime associates,


If Rob Porter runs for Governor, Western New York would benefit

THE EDITORIAL BOARD If former Seneca Nation President Robert Odawi Porter decides to run for Governor next year, his campaign and governorship would be likely to benefit Western New York. Porter — a Harvard educated attorney with a renowned international law


Seaman is considering a run for Mayor, post-Brown

A source is telling The Chronicle that the embattled Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Chairman and City Treasurer Michael Seaman is considering a run for Mayor of Buffalo following Byron Brown’s presumed retirement in 2021. Seaman is close to the powerful political operative and former

Urban Design

Preserving the Albright Knox is as important as expanding it

When it comes to the ongoing planning of the Albright Knox’s high profile expansion project, the prerogative of preserving the facade of the historic turn of the century structure should be among the institution’s top priorities. The neoclassic revival architecture


Following governance crisis, Nevergold begins to stabilize Buffalo schools

Board of Education President Dr. Barbara Seals-Nevergold has gracefully managed a series of public relations crisis wrought by fellow board member Carl Paladino‘s deplorable political antics.  In recent months she has asked State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia to remove Paladino from the


Former Seneca President Rob Porter for Governor of New York?

New York State’s Republican Party is in dire straits: it hasn’t had a competitive candidate for governor in four elections; has an embarrassingly small caucus in the Assembly; and the Senate caucus cannot retain a majority without the help of a breakaway

Housing Authority

Brown should demolish WWII-era housing project

THE EDITORIAL BOARD The Commodore Perry Homes is a vast public housing complex that is half abandoned — with 212 apartments vacant and uninhabitable. The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority had pursued a federal grant nearly 10 years ago to redevelop