Buffalo school board member, possibly drunk, with young lady in Allentown

Carl Paladino, a member of the Board of Education and prominent supporter of President Donald Trump, was seen stumbling out of his BMW in the Allentown section of the city with a young woman around 2:00 am last Saturday morning. The developer was driving the vehicle, then entered the restaurant.

Onlookers say that both seemed intoxicated, but The Chronicle cannot independently verify that allegation.  One observer estimates the young woman’s age to be between 23 and 28.

The Allentown neighborhood is known for its youthful indiscretion, nightlife, and debauchery.

Paladino — along with his former campaign manager Mike Caputo and Republican operative Roger Stone — are currently defendants in a defamation lawsuit in which they are alleged to have placed an advertisement calling the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate a “sexual predator” and alerting them to call the police.

It is unclear what impact, if any, that the sighting will have on Paladino’s already controversial tenure on the school board.  Activists have been calling for his resignation following racist remarks he made about Barack and Michelle Obama in Artvoice last December.

Paladino has stated his desire to run for Governor of New York next year.



  1. Matt is possibly drunk, given his reporting abilities and probably retarded given his writing style.

  2. For Matt being retarded and drunk, he has a great ability to censor the reader comments of his yellow journalism. Guess he does not like criticism of his foolery.

  3. Anyone who has to resort to offensive slurs (“retarded”) to make a point is probably lacking the critical thinking skills to make a coherent point. If you disagree with the author, try using logic and thoughtful analysis to make your point.

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