Jamie Moses, Carl Paladino, and Austin Harig walk into a bar…


Jamie Moses digs into trains and stations and how the Central Terminal should be the center of a revitalized neighborhood rather than a black ghetto with growing pockets of immigrants. White sub-urban people convene annually to commemorate Polonia, after its ship sailed. They feel better about themselves on a made-up holiday called Dyngus Day and then retreat to safety. http://artvoice.com/…/train-thats-forcing-buffalo-think-e…/…

–We live to survive on paradoxes. What is the frequency, Kenneth. “Courage” is my word. Nothing says grace like Jeremy Hoyle starting the show by saying “this is for the Rheostatics. We are all richer for having seen them tonight.” Oh if you hadn’t worked it out, we made it to the Tralf for the Strictly Hip. What a great time. One more show, February 10. It will sell out. I remember every fucking thing I know. (Except why an REM lyric made this post)

–Carl Paladino seems to stir a cloud of fury every time he speaks. I think Austin Harig, who ran against him for school board, has a lot of gumption in his own right. Here is Harig’s opinion on the school district as published by Art Voice. Austin is young, but he is trying. I heard Bauerle treat him poorly recently. http://artvoice.com/…/another-perspective-buffalo-school-…/…

Scott Snyder blogs about Kona the wonder dog, future guide dog and loyal companion. http://futureheroguidedogpups.blogspot.com/…/i-woke-up-earl…

Christie Thomas sent along a link to this blog, explaining executive orders with historical perspective, what Trump has done so far, and what concerned citizen who oppose his action can do in response. https://resistanceisnormal.wordpress.com/…/executive-order…/

–Here’s a fun link from the Washington Times about Hillary receiving 800,000 votes from illegal immigrants. I suspect the source is decidedly partisan. Let me know what you think. I find it incredible. http://www.washingtontimes.com/…/hillary-clinton-received-…/

–A Canadian friend and US resident who is a frequent commenter here, David Field, asked yesterday if his rights were the same as a citizen. I have always thought of it thusly: The Bill of Rights extends to all people on US soil. It’s why suspected bad people can be held indefinitely at Guantanamo, but not brought stateside, where they would have the presumption of innocence and a speedy trial.

–Well-meaning folks have set up a free food stand at Kensington and Bailey on Sundays, bringing healthful food free to a neighborhood that often lacks it. https://www.buffalorising.com/…/wastenotwantnot-weekly-sun…/

–I don’t profess to be a great neighbor. I can always be a better one. So can you. Pastor Mike Bowers gives us perspective. http://clarence-cc.squarespace.com/fridays-with-mike/

–Rainstorms in California have had odd consequences, with birds popping up in different places as well as seal pups. http://www.sfgate.com/…/Unexpected-consequences-of-the-stor…

–Boyd curiosity: The policy at Goodyear is always to use the term “inflate” never “blow up.”

–Sizing up the good of the Sabres rebuild with Chris Ostrander of Two in the Box. https://twointhebox.com/2017/01/27/sabres-rebuild-the-good/…

–Courage. My word. It didn’t come it doesn’t matter.


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