Niagara Falls

Developers support locations for Albright Knox, Philharmonic near Niagara Falls State Park

Gordon Reger, who leads the ownership group of the landmark One Niagara Center, is preparing a redevelopment plan for the former Occidental Chemical headquarters that has since been redeveloped into a tourist welcome center. It is rumored that Reger favors

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Trump says, ‘you’re fired’

BY JOE GENCO –President Trump rightly fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama holdover in place pending Jeff Sessions confirmation, because she used her office as a bully pulpit to criticize his immigration order. He was right to fire


Gleed: Pay attention, this is not a democracy

BY THOMAS ERROL GLEED As of 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, Muslim Green Card holders, that is resident legal aliens from certain countries, were prohibited from reentering the country for 90 days if they happened to be traveling. They were detained at airports and prohibited

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The dictator’s playbook, and a more reasonable view…

BY JOE GENCO –The dictator playbook begins with targeting the immigrants. Soon after comes finding a reason for war. We are on that slippery slope.…/welcome-to-the-dictator-playbook-51760… –Here’s a differing, and more reasonable view from the National Review.…/donald-trump-refugee-execut… –Meanwhile, Jay Burney went to Buffalo

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As Trump scapegoats refugee families…

BY JOE GENCO –Interested in learning more about eating the food that surrounds you? Join Eric Cornell, Euell Gibbons and me from 12-3 today at Ashker’s. Register here. Soon I will give up shaving my armpits. OK, I made up the


Buffalo scrambles for train station money

BY JAMIE MOSES When the state announced it was providing $25 million for a new Amtrak station in Buffalo, with the likelihood that the federal government would match that figure, it created a scramble for the money by competing interests