Some activists want Schroeder to step aside and endorse Grant

Some activists are expressing dissatisfaction with the candidacy of City Comptroller Mark Schroeder.  His campaign will split the vote, they contend, potentially undermining the pioneering County Legislator Betty Jean Grant, a longtime leader in the city’s growing social justice movement. They argue that


More charges against Pigeon expected this year

A source familiar with the FBI’s investigation into political operative G. Steven Pigeon believe that FBI Agent Brian Burns is working on an interwoven web of investigations that stem from a trove of emails obtained in the 2015 raid of Pigeon’s waterfront home —


Kevin Stocker is willing to primary Chris Collins

Democratic Party activists are almost enthralled.  Attorney Kevin Stocker, a prominent and popular moderate Republican and former Town Prosecutor, is willing to primary incumbent Congressman Chris Collins, one of the wealthiest members of the House of Representatives and a resident of


Paladino grasps at straws as removal hearing nears

Disgraced school board member Carl Paladino, who is likely to be removed from the board at a State Education Department hearing scheduled for June 22nd in Albany, won a small victory this week.  Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia approved a request by


Brown, Garner expected to smear Betty Jean Grant

Political operatives close to Maurice Garner, the former President of Grassroots Inc. who is widely thought to control Mayor Byron Brown, say that he “is deeply worried” about County Legislator Betty Jean Grant’s campaign for Mayor.  Operatives say that Garner is already designing a smear