Big Labor threw tons of cash at Democrats, but workers voted red

Big Labor pumped $530 million of workers’ dues into mostly Democratic Party groups and liberal causes over a four-year period — with dismal results, according to a new analysis. Despite the unions’ massive cash infusion into Democratic causes, GOPer Donald

New York City

Good sense from Letitia James

Of late, Letitia James has been talking plain sense. The easy one was to slam the ethics of Mayor de Blasio’s use of secret “agents of the city” to help forge and execute his policies, when those “agents” had major

Presidential Election 2016

Obama’s pathetic ‘Blame Fox’ excuse

It’s been a rough few weeks for President Obama. Voters in so-called “Blue Wall” states seemingly rejected the vast majority of the president’s legacy. Whether it was ObamaCare, lax immigration enforcement or the Trans Pacific Partnership, millions of voters (many


Levin, Demler could both be out at WGRZ

In rapidly evolving discussions inside WGRZ, the station’s management is discussing the possibility of moving longtime evening anchors Scott Levin and Maryalice Demler to host the Daybreak morning show, a source says. In that scenario, Mike Wooten and Kelly Dudzik

Foreign Policy

Cuomo has blacklist of foreign firms that support BDS

He’s boycotting the boycotters! Gov. Cuomo’s administration has blackballed a dozen foreign companies for supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, The Post has learned. The Office of General Services compiled the list after Cuomo issued an executive


WGRZ scrambles in disarray as WIVB, WKBW make gains

Following the release of November ratings that reveal WGRZ-2 is loosing its once-dominant footing in the Buffalo Niagara media market,  rumors are swirling that the station’s senior management is hurriedly shaping a bold turnaround plan for the station’s programing. WIVB-4