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A short take on today’s news

BY JOE GENCO –There’s a whole bunch of tit-for-tat going on between the US and Russia. We probably won’t know what it means until Putin’s chosen President takes office for the US.…/russia-us-obama-putin-trump…/index.html –Alan Bedenko gives what seems like a

Letter to Editor

Letter: Words matter, Carl

BY KATRINNA MARTIN-BORDEAUX Whoever said once you become an elected official you can say and do what you want? Especially at my expense. What does it mean when an elected official is sworn in, placing their hand on a bible

Today's Take

A short take on today’s news

BY JOE GENCO —John Best wisdom. Hey, is that redundant? “Random thoughts…I’ve heard a few times how people who have been married 50-60 years pass away within a few days or weeks of each other but never a mother-daughter. Upon


Nevergold to Paladino: “You’re fired”

Dr. Barbara Seals-Nevergold, the school board president, is being floated as a candidate for State Senate following a special meeting convened to discuss controversial remarks made by Carl Paladino in Artvoice last week. The developer has since apologized for the remarks. A motion


McMurray: An island without fear

BY NATE MCMURRAY Freedom from the fear of others Diversity is not just an empty motto. It’s an ideal we strive for because diversity brings strength. Even on a basic level, genetic diversity helps us survive and adapt. And cultural